Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

A cunning plan

In which Ish suggests a very cunning plan and Ravi does a lot of running

The team make the fake drops. Ish is convinced he was followed. Eli gets ambushed by SOTV thugs, but kills them all. They didn’t say anything, but they had ghost tattoos. The team make contact with Modesty, she is staying out of trouble.

Ish points out that Guir will follow us to the location of the gravalax triangulator. The team keep moving around to try and prevent anyone from tracking them down.

Eli has become properly spooked, and feels like he is always being watched. Ish cannot sense anything sinister using his psychic powers.

The team pick up the pict of the spherical part of the triangulator (the power source).

The team are currently in the wet part of the SOTV concourse. Eli is 4 floors up. SOTV thugs are patrolling around in pairs, not more numerous than usual. The team get in position.

Ravi makes the exchange with Rastamouse. He is a crazy looking man with dreadlocks. He appears to be getting some kind of message. Eli looks around and sees a man in carapace armour holding a las cannon aimed at the meeting place – Barr! Eli warns Ravi over microbead, and Ravi starts to run. Barr pulls back, and Eli starts to follow him. Ravi is being followed by 2 different groups who are co-ordinating their tailing of him. Ravi is deliberately trying to attract the attention on to himself. Maz loses him in the crowd unfortunately. Ish has scarpered. the team maintain radio silence.

It is safe to assume the whole team are being followed or tracked by cameras.

Eli has followed Barr, who met with Guir and Rastamouse on a bridge over some machinery. Guir gave Barr something, and Barr stated he was confident he could have killed Ravi. Guir said the purpose was to tag them, and it worked. Guir stated he knew it wouldn’t be a straight up trade. Guir told Barr to shoot the team in the concourse at the next meeting and blame it on the Iron Knights.

Eli relays this to the team, who are concerned they have all been bugged. As soon as Guir gets the case the team will all die. Eli knows now how Barr will get to the concourse.

Ish hides out amongst the hobos on the station, and pinpoints lots of cameras easily. There are guards around, lax and numerous. No one seems to be following Ish. Ish identifies the exchange point in the dry part of the concourse.

Ravi is being followed by two guys, one dressed like a tramp the other like a SOTV pirate.

Maz goes for a beer. Eli and Ish meet up. Only Ravi is being followed now. Eli will stick with Ravi in case he gets ambushed.

The team decide they need to get Gaelman to make a bomb. Maz drops a message to Dessius.


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