Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

Party: Ravi, Eli, Maz, Modesty, Ish

41 Pry is a large space station, previously a refinery with a population of 6 million. It has been abandoned as a refinery for over 500 years. It still has a large population of “natives”, pirates and criminals. It is a supposed haven for piracy. There is no ruling group or individual, no law enforcement body other than the pirate groups who run their sections of the station. The station has not been maintained, as is gradually decaying. It has no official defence system.

The party were advised it would be easy to get passage off 41 Pry with some ease. The party stocked up on ammunition and other supplies. The concourse is an obvious place to buy stuff. Off the concourse, there are piles of rubbish in the corridors, and smells of tramps. It is not pleasant.

The party are staying briefly at “Heavenly Meadows” apartments, which is owned by Besmo Shahid and his daughter Neera.

The party start looking for a pilot to get them off 41 Pry. They identify that they need to find out where Cranmar got the xeno gun from. The party know that the previous Torgrims had been dealing in xenos, probably slavery related. Who are the Syndicate and what do they want?

The party go to a bar called The Green Saint (named after Alexis of Alros, a minor saint in the Imperial pantheon), where they find out that there are three main factions on the station: the Brotherhood of the Bloodied Suns, The Sons of the Void, and the Iron Knights. Traders pay the pirates protection money, and in return they sell their wares unmolested.
There are a number of arms dealers on the station, one in particular called Stromberg, but you need a referral to talk to him.

A vast amount of the station is not actually controlled by any of the gangs – lawless, animals, people and probably xenos in the lawless areas.

There is a heat sink room in the neutral zone where the pirate gangs host big fights, which they organise amongst themselves. Fights are always to the death, and take place every 6-8 weeks.

There are Kroot (xenos) on the station, aligned with the Iron Knights. All the Kroot work for Boss Score, their leader.

The Brotherhood of the Bloodied Suns are the second biggest pirate gang on the station, run by Hondo Jolly who is apparently “ex astartes”. He is a total bad ass, and a very visible figure on the station. The party have come aboard the station in Brotherhood territory. The general point of view in this sector is that the Brotherhood are rough but you know where you stand. Iron Knights are a small group, but vicious, no rules and anarchic. They work with xenos and are run by a woman, Alenya Bevishenk. There are no xenos in this area. Sons of the Void are untrustworthy backstabbers, thieves, dangerous. People disappear.

Ish has been observing the concourse and watching what has been going on. He has observed a number of noble looking people with bodyguards and has been curious about what they are doing. There was a big richly dressed man escorted by 6 obvious bodyguards, and a less obvious man trailing them. There was a woman with 4 bodyguards browsing the stalls, who bought something discreet from a man. Also saw a hunchbacked male doing a trade with a tech trader – has high quality prosthetics.

The party have decided that the Syndicate probably deal in both xeno tech and slavery.
Ravi has found out you need to go through Stromberg’s connections to get to him. He is known as being a xeno tech front for a couple of different groups. Ravi obtained a couple of leads – Mr Crackle and Mr Shank. Has arranged to sell the xeno gun to them to get Stromberg’s interest (700 thrones).

Ish had a long conversation with someone called Knocko Jemba.

Johnny Piranha deals with the disposal of bodies in this sector.

Ravi has threatened Modesty with a fake detonator for her bomb collar to keep her in line, and she has found out about his deception. She is pretty cross with him.


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