Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign


In which the team blow up the concourse

Dessius is supplying the team with a lot of equipment. The new safe house will be the APC as they will need to get out of SOTV territory very quickly.
Gailman will be in the APC.

The site for the bomb is chosen – “Skanks” bar, a cross between a marquee and a tin shack. It serves strong booze and reconstituted meals. There is metal plate flooring in Skanks. The team are looking for air ducts under the floor. The tunnel goes all the way to the APC. Eli will have to commando wriggle along.

For the Emperor – Kill Barr
I like bananas – let him take the shot
Switch – Modesty to pick pocket. Ish will drop his crutch to signal he is ready for the pick pocket.

Guir comes along and Maz gives the kill order. Eli hits Barr, who falls over the balcony, crashing through a stall. Maz shoots two of Guir’s goons. The team shoot Guir, and Maz leaps into action. Ravi kills a bystander.
The Sons of the Void are starting to converge on this sector. Ish is trying to escape along an overland escape route.
Maz uses Guir as a human shield, and Rastamouse shoots him twice. Telanni kills someone, but also gets shot. Ravid gets shot and loses the front part of his left foot. Maz shoots Rastamouse in the head.

Maz drops Guir to the floor when the shooting is all done, and he turns out to be a skinwalker. In horror, we flee along the escape tunnel and blow up Skanks, taking out Guir’s body which was starting to transform into maggotty things. The explosion in Skanks blows up the oxygen containers in the building behind it, causing a massive chain reaction explosion which takes out half of the SOTV concourse.


Luke_Passingham cpassingham79

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