Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

Exploring the Haematite Cathedral pt 1

The acolytes can hear the wind howling through holes in the roof, and the sea pounding the cliff outside. Something sounds like a regular heartbeat – a large clock which is ticking. The whole place smells rotten and damp. There is a huge cannon at the far end and a spiral staircase around it. The altar is by the cannon, bolted to the floor. It is reminiscent of the block in the Gilded Cathedral.

Kitchen – clear. Old servitor – black feathers stabbed into its back. Feathers are greasy and smell of incense. Huge oven.
Trophy room – full of stuffed animals. The desk contains some specimens – hip flask containing spiced brandy (taken by Barack Tharack), stub revolver with two clips, and a letter sealed with wax. Eli momentarily sees skulls on all the aquilas. Ravi sees a cowled figure outside the trophy room and shoots at it.
Portrait room – portraits on the walls, everyone in heroic poses. Skeleton of a woman sitting in the middle of the room. She is holding a small item, looks like part of the adeptus mechanicus emblem. Barack sees a vision of the angel of death again in a picture. The Warrant of Trade for the Hecate family has been stolen.

Ballroom – 24 corpses are sitting at the tables, no jewellery and no wigs. Mummified decaying food on the tables in front of them. Barack looks closely, and sees that one of the corpses is him!
Claude notices that all the bodies are those of poor people who have been dressed up in rich clothes. At least 30 years since they died from a fast acting poison.
On the far side of the room is a door to stairs, which shuts and locks itself.
Scaphandra finds a small study, and finds hand drawn notes referring to a trap door hinged on a flagstone – this is surely in the oven in the kitchen.

The team open the door to the stairs, and climb the spiral staircase. On the first floor there is a room with full length mirrors lining the wall. It is thickly carpeted, but empty and windows boarded.

The acolytes continue to the second floor. The stairs end with a reinforced wooden door. There is the distinct sound of a door locking, then unlocking and opening slightly. Claude and Barack burst through first. There is a large dining table with a thick velvet tablecloth. It is set for a meal, candles are freshly alight and burning with a green flame. Food looks fresh. 6 high back chairs – the name places are set for the acolytes, but the name place at the top of the table is unreadable. Scaphandra looks out of the window and a horrible face looks back. The door slams shut and locks behind the acolytes.

An apparition of a well dressed woman appears from the warp and subdues the three acolytes in the room. When Ravi and Eli are able to enter, they have to fight their comrades who have been taken over by the warp apparition. There is a massive fight until finally Ravi and Eli subdue their comrades violently. Eventually the acolytes are able to go back up to the top room and finish off the warp apparition.

They return downstairs and work their way back along the corridor they originally came down. Barack shoots the padlock off a room which has had its door painted over. An eerie breeze rushes past the acolytes. There is a mummified body on the bed with a huge knife plunged through its chest. Barack identifies it as a female second degree priest from a Rogue Trader vessel. The knife is a power blade and has the initials GH carved into the hilt. The body has had its eyes gouged out. Barack commends her soul to the Emperor.

In the kitchen, Claude and Scaphandra open the oven and find a trap door. They go down the trap door and find a bronze door with the Hecate family crest on it. Inside cages line the wall, big enough for people to go in. There are steel operating tables and tools. Restraints on the tables. There is a symbol on the floor, it looks like an astrological symbol. The acolytes find a secret room within the secret room. There are a number of corpses mounted on the wall, horrors all stitched together preserved with formaldehyde. Claude lifts a loose flagstone – there is a horrible stench as it was covering a hidden well stuffed fulled of decaying corpses.

The air shimmers in front of the acolytes and a figure of a man appears. He is tall, ornately dressed, has long dark hair and his voice is echoey. Claude shoots him. Things start oozing out of the pit trying to grab at ankles. The ghost punches Scaphandra and knocks her out. Claude is also overpowered. Fortunately the rest of the acolytes show up and get stuck in to the fight. Eli makes the ghost disappear, but the well explodes and bits of corpse go all over the place. There are a couple of black feathers, and a shining segmented metal piece.


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