Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

Exploring the Haematite Cathedral pt 2

The acolytes decide to go out to the transport to take a moment or two to recover from their ordeals.

On their way out of the cathedral, Eli sees two figures sitting in the front pews. They are leaning against each other as if asleep or dead. One has long dreadlocks and a headdress. The other looks a bit like Ravi. They are two dessicated corpses, in an advanced state of decay, chests ripped open and innards removed. They are wearing the same clothes as Ravi and Eli. The medispecs advises that the bodies have been dead for 100 years. There is a single black feather under the pew.

The acolytes get outside to clean up and eat something. They have searched the right hand side of the cathedral, and now need to go along the left hand wing. The left hand wing is single storey, and the windows are mortared over from the outside. The windows on the tower are boarded up from the inside.

The acolytes re-enter the cathedral – the corpses have turned to look at them.

Scaphandra looks at the clock – there is a depression in the wall behind it, which is about the same size and shape as a three part mechanicus symbol. But why is the clock still running?

The door that has been mortared over gets krak grenaded. As it opens, the acolytes hear a whisper – “who is this? Gustavus?” Ravi steps through the doorway and there is a hissed intake of breath. It is a long corridor, with doors either side and a door at the end. All the doors open and horrible zombies/corpses come scrambling out to attack the acolytes. The acolytes eventually kill them all. They looked slightly wrong, as if they had been experimented on.

There are six cells off the corridor, three each side. Crude drawings of a figure with feathered wings feature heavily. In one of the rooms, the acolytes find a scrap of paper containing a picture of of a planet surrounded by two interlocking rings. There is a word written beneath it – BEWARE.

The door at the end of the corridor opens of its own accord. It is a dark damp operating room that has seen a lot of use. There is a door at the other side of the room – which leads to a spiral stair case. The team go up the stairs. There are lots of gears, chains, bundles of wire across the stairs.

There is a plain red door at the top – it opens into a large circular room. It is dominated by a huge model of the Barsapine system. Each planet is represented by skulls encased in glass. This room is clearly an observatory. It is dusty, but not decayed.

There is a massive telescope in the room. The desk is covered in papers covered in drawings and writing about he stars and their movements. There is a book – Prodigious Heavenly Occurrences of the Barsapine System. There is something significant about the 7th and 9th planets of the system. The planet the acolytes are on is the 4th planet.

Claude looks through the telescope, and an enormous eye looks back at him.Ravi finds the control panel for the model and lines up the planets for a simultaneous eclipse of the 7th and 9th planets. The temperature drops, and the apparition of a man appears at the desk. He appears to be in his mid 30s. His arms are covered in mathematical symbols and equations.

The acolytes speak to the apparition – it is Coranath Hecate, master of the Tower. He is Gustavus’ brother. He thinks Gustavus is a fool, always grubbing around in the dirt. There are portents surrounding the eclipse, it is a very big deal, even though it is not due to happen for 200 years.

Coranath tells the acolytes he has the key, and he will give it to the acolytes. There is a malevolent intelligence in the building.


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