Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

Room of Cages, Part 3

Servitors, ambulls, pit traps and bolt pistols

The team are heading back along the corridor, and can hear crashing around in the distance. Maz is covering the rear, Ravi covering ahead. Eli opens a door. Lights start coming on. It is a long room, 100ft in length, 30 ft wide with alcoves either side. Looks disused. They hear a voice from the far end asking for help – the team decide to ignore it and follow the corridor around.

Two open door ways appear ahead on the right. There is a big smear of gore down the corridor, ends with a severed leg, possibly belonged to a female. The first room is empty, looks like a starting area. The second room is full of cable, twisted metal and junk. the team hear noises of gunfire behind them.
Around the corner is carnage – body parts everywhere. Kill teams and slaves. Eli suspects a trap. There are not enough bits for all the gore.
Modesty decides to have a look back the way the team came from. She sees a servitor down the corridor with a circular saw and a gun coming out of the SOS room. It stops, and is listening/scanning.
The team go into the bloody corridor, where there are big score marks in the walls. There is a huge clanging noise from ahead of us. The team decide to go back and take out the servitor, only now there are two of them.
Maz jets off some promethium and sets them on fire. The servitor opens up with a heavy stubber, and Maz takes a hit to the chest. A third servitor shows up, lightly on fire. Maz pulls out a hand cannon and shoots no. 2 through the head. No. 3 starts shooting.

Modesty has gone up the other end of the corridor, and sees an Ambull eating someone. It has heard the shooting.

The team are engrossed in shooting the servitors, and don’t notice the ambull appearing behind them until it charges them. Maz is frozen by fear, and gets hit by the ambull. She flames the ambull and it runs away.

The team finish off the servitors and pursue the ambull. The corridors are covered in gore. The team enter what is clearly a holding area for the ambulls, where there is evidence of violence. There is an ambull feeding on someone, and a second ambull in the corridor. The team open up on the ambulls. Maz ends up shooting an ambull with her hand cannons and kills it. Both ambulls are killed.

The team go back down the corridor into another room. There is a pit with liquid and suspended over the pit is a chain suggesting a person could swing over it. Suddenly another kill team appear on the other side of the pit and are shooting at the team. They are the kill team in environment suits. There is an exchange of gunfire. One guy pitches forward into the acid and Maz shoots the flamer which ignites the fumes in the room!

“Fifth team eliminated”.

The team decide to head back to the ladder. There is a dead combat servitor near it suggesting someone came up the ladder as the team have not killed this one. There is blood on the rungs of the ladder, and the corpse is still on the floor. Maz looks and sees bolt shells. She goes down the ladder, and gets a gun stuck in her face. It’s a member of the Brotherhood team. Whilst he is threatening Maz, Eli shoots him in the head.

“Sixth team eliminated”.
Maz picks up a bolt pistol. She stashes the flamer and gets out the hand cannons.


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