Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

Session 8.1.14 Summary

Acolytes at the Hematite Cathedral

The acolytes on Barsapine (Claude Karr, Barak Tharak, Scaphandra, Ravi and Eli) struck out for the Hematite Cathedral, using transport & supplies gifted them by Abbot Juratus in Barsapine. The journey to the dark side of the planet was uneventful although the terrain was inhospitable. The journey took 36 hours.

The Hematite Cathedral is located on a cliff face looking out over the grey, raging sea that covers so much of Barsapine’s Eastern side. In past days it once functioned both as a place of worship and part of the Planetary Defence Force (PDF), so stationed to rain fire from its heavy cannon fire upon invading Orks. Now it stands amidst overgrown gardens and tumbledown tombs in a state of disrepair, appearing long abandoned.

Upon arrival the team split into pairs to begin scouting the surroundings, with Claude remaining with the transport. Barak and Scaphandra uncovered a half-collapsed building in the ruin of the graveyard. Eli and Ravi found a cave beneath a long-dry water feature that contained a grisly discovery: almost two dozen human corpses, roughly two weeks dead and festering. Analysis by the medispex determined that they had died violently, most of them showing signs of deep lesions or bruising and several of them missing limbs.
Meanwhile back at the transport Claude had a vision of blood spattering from the transport roof onto the ramp: he fired through the ceiling, but hit nothing. When the others arrived back, drawn by the sound of gunshots, there was no sign of the blood he claimed to have seen.
At the same time Barak caught a glimpse of something terrible upon the cathedral roof – a robed, hunched figure with vast rotten wings and a stump where its left arm should have been…


Luke_Passingham Luke_Passingham

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