Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

The August Seas

The acolytes meet with Mer-Sik and travel to Miron IV

The team stock up on supplies, and go to board the August Seas. Mer-Sik is at the docking bay, accompanied by 2 other people – a tall blonde man dressed like a mercenary, and a short woman with mousy long hair, pale freckly complexion dressed like a mercenary. The tall man is very calm. The woman wears an Aquila on a chain around her neck. Mer-Sik scans the team again.

Ramsmos Gailman and Telani are the mercenaries.

The air on the August Seas is thin and cold.

The team find themselves on the command deck of the ship with Mer-Sik. The command deck is very ornate and absolutely huge. There is a lot of activity there with servo skulls buzzing around. There are carvings of angels and saints, columns and pillars, tapestries etc. There is a big dome at the top of the deck which means the stars (and the void) can be seen. Many banks of controls. Approximately 100-150 crew members. There is an enormous throne in the middle of the floor – the captain’s seat.

There are two men who stick out immediately. One gigantic dark skinned man, dressed very ostentatiously, wearing a huge robe and an old style naval uniform underneath. A sword hangs at his side. This is Cortez Sunday. The other is skinny and jaundiced looking. He is dressed severely, very militaristic (think SS officer). His hair is cut in a crew cut. This is Dax Daegaarden. Mer-Sik heads towards these two men.
Mer-Sik bickers with the big black man. There is mention of “Guir” and “a problem”. Guir is an important contact for Mer-Sik, and he uses him to sell things. They both act as middle men for each other. Mer-Sik has stated previously that he prefers to be on the station, normally Guir would be going on the jobs, not Mer-Sik. Mer-Sik has brought an item with him. He also mentions that he has an exceptional navigator.

The team are escorted to their quarters. The hab level is still heavily decorated in the same high gothic style as the rest of the ship (that the team have seen). They are assigned rooms near Mer-Sik. Mer-Sik advised them that they must always move in pairs.

The team engage in small talk with Gailman and Telani. Gailman mentions the Cold Trade – something to do with artefacts.

On the third day of the voyage Ravi questions Mer-Sik about why it is taking longer than the team were told. Mer-Sik is very vague, and says if it takes much longer he will speak to the Captain. Before long, the ship makes orbit around Miron IV. The team will make planetfall in a few hours. Mer-Sik becomes anxious, and advises the team that they are not to leave him on his own at all.


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