Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

The Fall of the House of Thrung

In which the acolyes pay a visit to a minor noble

Thrung’s mansion is a towering gothic building, surrounded by a gigantic wall. there are cannons mounted on the walls. Household troops are employed. There are other buildings within the complex – a mausoleum, a glass topped greenhouse and a chapel.

The acolytes land a full squad of marines out the front of the mansion whilst Claude and Eli infiltrate the building from behind.

Barack Tharack takes the direct approach and demands that the household guard let them in in the name of the Emperor and the Inquisition. Captain Fidelicus of the household guards tries to play for time, but is being ordered to shoot at the acolytes. Claude is listening to the chatter on a house Thrung microbead, having infiltrated the wall at the back.

Barack turns his back on the house and walks back to the lander, ordering the forces to get ready to shoot on command. The household guard open up whilst Barack is walking away, and the APCs the acolytes brought along charge forwards. A full on fire fight ensues. Eventually the house Thrung troops start to rout, and the acolytes get in to the compound. Claude gets his hands on a multi melter and starts shooting with it.

Scaphandra spots the target – he has a mutant arm and lots of xeno animals around him. Definitely a heretic. The team start shooting at him. His mutant arm gets blown off and he dissolves.

Scaphandra loads the alien glove onto the lander with instructions that no one should look at it or touch it. Thrung’s body is burnt. The acolytes go to the chapel to see if they can find the power source. There is a dead priest there and his left arm is missing, has been torn off. Not much blood from him, but there are a lot of black feathers which are sodden with blood.
3 bodies by the door – 2 of Thrung’s men, 1 of the team’s.
Scaphandra finds a pressure plate which opens a secret door by the altar. Scaphandra and Barack go down the stairs, where there are lots of black feathers and blood. There is a long room, lit the length of the chapel, beneath the crypts. It looks like a museum. 12 display cases, lit from above:
1. Long las sniper rifle used by a ratling to kill the Siegemaster of Thorr in the Gun Metal City uprising
2. Xeno sword (Eldar)
3. Bolt pistol that belonged to Commissar Gild
4. Xeno cloak, shiny and iridescent, very tough.
5. Decanter of amsec
6. Fine chrono on a chain with an auspex
7. Single bolt shell from an astartes bolt gun, ornately carved
8. feedings brands from ancient Terra
9. 12 books of religious and heretical content (musings on faith from palatine solero – a minor relic, liber exmentis)
10. Data slates journal
11. empty
12. opened and empty, leaving a power source shaped indent.

The team remove the items to review closely on the ship.
Thrung’s journal is very interesting, and proof that he is clearly a heretic. Sounds like he was supposed to give the power source to Mer-cik but has instead given it to someone called Gustavus. The team determine to go to Barsapine to investigate further.

The glove is larger than a human arm, with thin elongated fingers which end in claws. It is made of skin. This, and the Liber Exmentis, are sealed up in ammo boxes and put in vacuum storage.


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