Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

The Ghost Fire Heist

How the acolytes meet Stromberg, and do a job for him

The party are meeting with Stromberg, an arms dealer.

Ghost Fire is a drug that grows on Iocanthus. Sometimes the Iron Knights deal Ghost Fire on the station. Stromberg wants the party to go to Iron Knights territory and steal from them to supply him with the Ghost Fire. The shipment will come in a couple of days. Stromberg will provide the transport, Shank will provide the details.

The party will be transported to the Iron Knights sector. The landing zone will be hot. The lander will be obviously not IK. The party will be dropped at the point where the deal is taking place. The drugs will already be there – the party are to interrupt the deal, and steal the merchandise. The drugs will be in a single crate. They have a very high street value. The party are warned in no uncertain terms to not try and sell it on. The transport will pick the party up and drop them back in Brotherhood territory.

The transport vehicles all have Brotherhood insignia on them and the party surmise that Stromberg is trying to start a turf war.

When the party arrive, they assault the landing bay. The ship starts shooting up the surroundings. A lot of pirates get shot. The Ghost Fire is not where it should be. Maz gets ambushed hard and the party get separated. There is a lot of heavy fighting throughout the area. The party get shot up quite badly, but they take out a lot of pirates. Then the Kroot attack, and it is totally devastating. Ravi and Maz both go down, and Ish suffers a broken leg. Eli pulls off some pretty fancy shooting and manages to save everyone. Modesty has become separated from the party, and her com bead has gone dead.

After the fighting has finished, the team search some of the bodies. One of the corpses belongs to Artherian Maschnik. He has an Imperial ID card.

The party, minus Modesty, get back to the lander. The Ghost Fire is put aboard. The lander takes off and takes a different route to get the party back.

Mr Crackle greets the party. He looks quite cheerful. He scans the merchandise and is happy the party have got everything. The party are taken to a mini med bay to be healed by the use of Batarian Wongbat venom.

When Maz regained consciousness she was upset that the team did not go back for Modesty’s body.

The party are taken back to Stromberg’s place, through his garden and into the office again.
Stromberg is pleased with the team’s progress. He tells the team that the Syndicate are not based on the station. They deal in exotic weaponry and technology. They are most interested in selling items, and often request that Stromberg act as middle man. They are interested in finding things as well. Maybe they are looking to increase the circulation of xeno items. Everyone involved in the Syndicate has a tattoo. Stromberg can put the party in touch with a Syndicate agent, and this is usually safe well paid work. Stromberg reiterates that he is thinking of ending his association with the Syndicate. He doesn’t like them.

The party are dropped off discreetly at a different Brotherhood docking bay.


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