Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

The new lie of the land

In which the team keep a low profile

The team all escape to the APC alive. It is a military issue APC, stripped down on the inside so there is a lot of space. Rack for weapons. Heavy stubber mounted on the top, but not much ammo. It is not a smooth ride.

Synthi skin, pain killers and antibiotics are available.

Modesty robbed Guir’s body before the team escaped. She found an alien communicator.

Gailman is monitoring radio chatter. Silas Sirrocco is in a weak position, and everyone thinks it was a terrorist attack. The August Seas also gets mentioned on the radio.

Telaani has seen the Triangulator before – she once saw a drawing of it and it was something to do with St Drusus. the Cold Trade focuses on pre-Drusus artefacts. Telaani is confdient that if she had access to the scriptures (2nd book, 43rd volume, Cleansing of the Mirron Sector) she could track it down. She will pray hard for enlightenment.

The team are concerned about these items:
1. Gangs – a move from SOTV territory would be very prudent
2. August Seas – what state is it in, are the crew alive?
3. Scriptures – ask Dessius for assistance
4. Dessius – how can he be contacted
5. Red Circus – could this be used as a distraction for someone to launch an attack on another territory?
6. Stromberg – what about him?

Gailman and Ish get in to the main part of the station, note that SOTV are reinforcing their borders. Suspicion is that it was a suicide bomber who blew up the station, bad form, crosses a line. SOTV are planning to stick it to the Brotherhood. There are fewer people around and more pirates.

They hear that the concourse collapsed into the heat sink underneath.
The other agents have been sent to the Red Circus. Dessius has got the team access to the Red Circus and Brotherhood territory.


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