Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

The Room of Cages, part 1

The acolytes enter the room of cages to rescue their comrades

The Room of Cages is an ongoing gladatorial event running for the entirety of the Red Circus. To win, the team need to cross the room and get through a number of other kill teams. There will be teams of slaves, and xeno creatures.

13 kill teams – 50 team members.
All three pirate gangs have entered teams.
Mix of mercs and killers. One obvious xeno – an enormous ork, who is part of a pirate team. No kroot.
One team are wearing furs and animal skulls, and have lizard beasts with them.
One team is wearing environment suits (nitrogen atmosphere) – they look humanoid.
Servitors and mutants are present.
One team is draped in human skins.
Two teams have flamers.
Everyone looks ready to kill.

The Master of Ceremonies is The Kill Crazy. He explains the rules. The complex is on three levels. The exit is in the middle level, but you do not know which level you start on. Slaves will be released at the same time as the kill teams. Everything is a target. Make it look good.

The klaxon sounds and the door opens in front of the team. Maz is first out of the door, but Eli shortly takes point. It is warm, and damp. The team can already hear heavy gunfire and screams to the North East. Blood on the floors and walls already. The team enter a room with a low ceiling, and behind them they hear a loud sniff. A large shadow on the ceiling, size of a very large dog. At the same time, the team set off trip wires and a large battering ram is loosed across the room. Ravi takes a blow, but Eli dodges. Maz flames the beast, and Modesty shoots it.
“First team eliminated”.

The team enter another small room, smell blood and laser discharge, and Eli is hit with a blade trap. In the next room there are chains hanging from the ceiling, with 4 human bodies which have been decapitated and skinned. No sign of the heads, but the skins are stuck to the rear wall. Another corpse on the other side of the room, shot. These people were probably not part of a kill team.

Something is moving by the door, Predator style. Maz shoots the flamer at where she thought it was, and something catches fire. It looks insectoid. Maz gets tackled by another insectoid thing. Her helmet gets ripped off her head and she briefly passes out. Modesty shoots the insectoid.
The team notice a big servitor las turret over the door. Ravi shoots it and it explodes. Eli drags Maz out of the room into the corridor.

The team are now heading towards where they heard a massive scream. In the middle of the room is a dying carnosaur which has been beaten by what is left of the primitive kill team. Eli shoots one man and a lizard. Modesty lays down suppressing fire across the carnosaur, Maz watches the corridor. A lizard beast attacks Eli’s leg. Ravi sneaks around the carnosaur to finish off this team.
“Second team eliminated”
“Third team eliminated”

There are three exits from this room – the way the team entered, one to the left and one to the right. The team go right.

They enter a small room. There are the remains of a human arm, severed below the elbow. They continue along the corridor which turns to the right, ending with a door. The team go back to the carnosaur room and take the left exit.

It is a corridor, covered in blood and gore. There is a big grinder built into the floor covered in gore, blocking the width of the corridor. Just as the team turn to leave, a battering ram smashes down the corridor and knocks Ravi into the grinder, which starts up. Ravi goes hand first into the grinder, and loses all his fingers. Maz dives through the door to rescue him, leaving the flamer behind. She is unable to pull him free. Ravi loses his hand but jams the gun into the grinder to stop it. Maz finally able to pull Ravi free, and applies a tourniquet and some stims to him.

There are two exits on the left, and a door, past the grinder. The two exits are holding cells. The team step inside the holding cells whilst Eli activates the door button. It opens into a room. The team enter this room.
Blood on the floor, fans on the ceiling. Totally empty. Sound of metal scraping on metal beyond the door. Maz gives Ravi one of her hand cannons.

The team go back to the carnosaur room. The other room was a holding cell. They go back to the grinder room. Maz is bringing up the rear, and hears a noise from behind them.

The team enter a big room, with a pole in the middle of the room and drain next to it. Eli smells blood but doesn’t see any. The room narrows beyond the pole.

The team are being followed by a Brotherhood team. Maz flames the team and scares them. There is an exchange of gunfire, and the team have to enter the room at speed. They get halfway across the room when the doors shut and lock, and the ceiling starts to come down. The team get the grate cover off the drain and jump in.


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