Althan Guir


Guir was a plump, bearded, eastern looking gentleman – I always envisaged him looking like a fat Yasser Arafat. He dressed smartly and was well spoken and a charismatic talker.

He lived in opulent style in a private compound within 41PRY and employed a large private security force, as well as a number of freelance killers (including Eman, Barr and ‘rastamouse’). He had a number of xenos arifacts in his possession.

Guir was guilty of the following crimes:

  • Black marketeering, aiding & abetting pirates
  • Complicit in the cold trade, knew himself to be in the employ of xenos species
  • Kidnap & attempted murder of acolytes of the inquisition

Guir was a merchant on 41PRY. He ran a legitimate business exporting Oxygen and bulk supplies to traders, although through his links to the pirate gangs of the station and to the rogue trader Solomon Sunday his acquisition of said supplies must be suspect.

He was a contact for the August Seas in their dealings with the Cold Trade. Acolytes Julia, Scaphandra, Felix and Constantine investigated him at his private compound on 41PRY and were captured by him after being betrayed by Silo Sirocco. Cortez Sunday demanded their deaths, but Guir, fearful of the Inquisition, delivered them to the Room of Cages instead.

The remaining acolytes attempted to capture Guir, but he escaped them through the use of a body double. He later hired the hitmen Eman and Barr to assassinate them.

At some point after his capture of the second team of acolytes he was killed by the Slaugth and replaced by one of their own. Guir was assassinated by the team of Acolytes comprising of Eli, Modesty, Maz, Ravi and Ish.

He seemed cowardly and before his assimilation he was known to be afraid of Mer-Sik and fearful of his masters within the Syndicate.

Notes added by Charlotte:
Guir was not a registered slave dealer, although he probably undertook this line of work. He had his own private compound away from the pirate areas. He had been on the station 30-40 years. Rejuvenation treatments. Known for use of decoys.

Althan Guir

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