Barak Tharak

Big, black, dangerous and shouty


Physical description:
Tall, broad shouldered, solidly built. Dark skinned, black hair kept short in a small mohawk (a la Mr T). Usually dressed in fairly nondescript dark clothing.


Barak Tharak is scum is the truest sense of the word. An ex-pirate who had a religious epiphany (type unknown) and turned to the church, he is everything you’d expect from a pirate – obnoxious and aggressive with a quick temper and quick knife. His faith in the Emperor seems unshakeable, but his methods are unorthodox at best. No one is quite clear how he came to be a part of the Inquisitorial team based on 41 Pry, and no one has liked to ask.

He drinks and gambles heavily, and is a savage xenophobe and misogynist. He does however seem to have a genuine friendship with Claude Karr.

Barak was part of Dessius Arl’s team working on 41 Pry. He had previously managed to infiltrate the Sons of the Void and was working his way into their inner circle. As far as the Sons of the Void are concerned, he is loyal to them and they are not aware of his Inquisitorial attachment. Barak is keen to keep it that way.

Barak Tharak

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