Bulagor Thrungg


A typical dissolute and corrupt noble of the Imperium. Slender, pale-skinned and invariably overdressed, bewigged and slathered with makeup. When encountered by the acolytes his left arm was encased in the severed, hollow arm of a creature known as the Dei-Phage: a huge claw with dry, mottled skin. This process caused Thrungg’s arm to atrophy away to a withered husk, whilst apparently not affecting his health otherwise.

Thrungg was a dangerous heretic guilty of the following:

  • Complicity in the Cold Trade
  • Association & abetting xenos
  • Corruption of the local populace, through doctored Imperial Creed
  • Contact with, and possible collusion with, creatures of the warp
  • Taking up arms against agents of the Imperium (PCs)

Bulagor Thrungg was the son of the planetary governor of Miron IV. He was named as a buyer for The Syndicate by Mer-Sik and the acolytes were dispatched to interrogate him. Realising his number was up he instructed his household troops to fight to the last man whilst he prepared a final stand in his menagerie.

Thrungg fought Eli, Scaphandra and Claude and was killed when the Dei-Phage’s hand removed from him – a shot from Claude severed his left arm at the elbow. Thrungg’s flesh immediately began to liquefy from his bones and he met a quick yet agonising end.

Bulagor Thrungg

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