Claude Karr

5’5" tall, slender build, gaunt features, black hair cropped close to his scalp, green eyes, several small scars run over his face and a large one running from near his ear to his mouth on the left hand side. The large scar has been partially covered with a tattoo of his gangs symbol, a letter “G” in gothic script.

A gambler and a dangerous man in both a knife and a gunfight. Habitually uses twin laspistols and ‘Rose’, a combat knife to which he shows an unnatural degree of empathy.


Born Location: Underhive, Praedis Hive Secondus, Praedis Zeta, Ultima Segmentum, Vidar Sector.

Known to be a former gang member before entering into Inquisitorial service. Was assigned to 41PRY as part of Dessius Arl’s team investigating the Purple Hand where he was involved mainly in stealth-based information gathering work. Seconded to Inquisitor Al-Subaii to deal with the Slaugth / Syndicate issue on station.

Dispatched to Barsapine to investigate the Gilded Cathedral after killing the heretic Bulagor Thrungg.

Claude Karr

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