Dessius Arl


A strongly built man of indeterminate age, Dessius poses as a drug dealer and a chem-addict and looks and behaves as such. He is habitually unwashed and wears a long, dirty coat in poor repair over several layers of filthy unkempt clothes. His hair is long and matted into locks and he is usually unshaven. His birthplace is unknown but he has an eastern / Arabic cast to his skin and features.

Dessius is a master actor and can switch between a number of characters and demeanours with ease. When out and about he usually affects the persona of an addled, chem-fried tramp.


Dessius is the leader of a cell of acolytes on 41PRY, working for Inquisitor XXX. His team originally comprised of Julia, Leena Stang, Barak Tharak and Claude Karr, until they were requisitioned by Inquisitor Al-Subaii. Dessius and his team were originally tasked with looking into the activity of a heretic cult known as The Purple Hand, a job that involved information gathering in deep cover roles.

Dessius first interacted with the acolytes relaying messages to and from their Inquisitor. When the three teams were merged he was named nominal leader but his primary role is the collating and analysis of information – he is not active ‘in the field’. Dessius is known to be unhappy about his change of focus after having invested so much time and effort into his previous investigation, but there is little he can do about it.

Dessius keeps his past to himself and is a bit of a mystery, even to his own subordinates. He is calculating and cold and was highly trusted by the Inquisition. He is not an easy person to relate to and can be blunt or even rude in conversation. Some members of his team fear he is going a bit native on 41PRY and has invested too much of himself in his character. He is known to be a ruthless and dangerous man when required.

Dessius Arl

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