Eduardo Eman

Streetwise psyker hitman


A Hispanic-looking male of unknown origin. He wears his hair in braids and affects a goatee beard and slim moustache. Eman dresses scruffily, in a torn Grox-leather jacket and combat fatigues, dotted with patches, badges and small trophies and fetishes. He is very scrawny and wiry.

Eman looks like your typical ‘gangsta’ type thug – closest point of reference would probably be like a more Hispanic Xzibit.

Eman is a bully and a braggart. He often associates with a number of likeminded thugs who look up to him as their leader.

When observed at Abdul’s Pleasure Palace he indulged heavily in drinking, boasting and spending his money on drugs and prostitutes.


Eman is an assassin based in the Calixis Sector. He often works out of 41PRY with his partner, Jacob Barr. As a team they have over 600 confirmed kills to his name.

He is a psyker (presumably unlicensed) who has displayed both offensive and defensive use of powers, mainly in support of his partner.

He attempted to kill the acolytes under the employ of Althan Guir. He was tracked to Abdul’s by Eli and Maz and a virulent poison (concocted by Ish) was slipped into his drink whilst he was having a ‘massage’. It was later reported that he had met a painful end.

Eduardo Eman

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