Ishmael Sapienta

Small and furtive on the outside, warped and twisted on the inside


Ish was once a very typical hive-rat. Small, unkempt, but unremarkable. However this all changed after a dire brush with the warp.

Ish is now a twisted knot of exposed muscle and sinew. All the skin and hair has been burnt from his body.

He seeks to hide his disfigurement with a hooded body-glove, and greatcoat. His face hidden from view, so as to pass unnoticed. Or the hood pulled back when he wishes to elicit the disgusted reactions his new appearance provokes.


Ish was once a very typical hive-rat. Small, unkempt, but unremarkable. Exceptional in only his nascent psychic abilities, abilities that allowed his actions as a small-time pickpocket and thief to go unnoticed… for a time.

It was this talent for blending in, and his ability to somehow survive dire circumstances that brought him to the attention of Interrogator Barabbas. Ish was brought into the fold of the inquisition, and once proven that his will was strong, he was set to work.

As Ish’s abilities have grown, so too has his confidence and power. However his flagrant tampering with the warp on Miron IV led to dire consequences. Covered with bale warpfire, Ish’s life was only saved due to the quick actions of his fellow acolytes.

This event has left his flesh hideously burnt, the skin peeling and dropping off to leave contorted muscle and sinew exposed. All that keeps Ish alive through this is a combination of stims, and the faith that he has been chosen by the will of the Emperor to complete some task. For some reason this small insignificant hiver has been picked to guide the full fire of the Emperor’s wrath to those enemies who would cloak themselves in shadow.

Ishmael Sapienta

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