Jacob Barr

Heavy weapon wielding hitman


A heavily built Caucasian male of unknown origin. Barr takes care of his appearance – his hair is kept short but styled, he dresses sharply and expensively.

I envisaged Barr looking similar to Crixus (Manu Bennett) in the first season of Spartacus.

Barr was observed to only drink purified bottled water by Eli and Maz at Abdul’s pleasure palace, and not to indulge in any of the vices on offer. He displayed a detached, professional demeanour at all times.


Jacob Barr is an assassin based in the Calixis Sector. He often works out of 41PRY with his partner, Eduardo Eman. His reputation is very good and he has over 600 confirmed kills to his name.

Barr is adept in the use of heavy armour and weaponry, including las-cannons and heavy stubbers. He may have some Imperial Guard training in his background.

Barr was shot by Eli whilst attempting to eliminate the acolytes upon the orders of Althan Guir, and seeking revenge for the poisoning of Eman. He seemingly fell to his death in the second concourse.

Notes added by Charlotte:
The party were advised that Barr was ex-imperial guard, a deserter who had committed a long list of misdemeanours. He was violently discharged having been busted down to Sergeant three times. Known to be very dangerous. Not hard to locate as he has status on the station. He has cybernetic implants.

Jacob Barr

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