Leena Stang


Leena is a woman in her late 20s – early 30s of average height and build. She is pretty yet also innocuous enough to blend into a crowd. She wears her hair very long and dyes it blonde. Like many residents of 41PRY she has is slightly underweight with a mildly pallid appearance from existing on recycled air and mainly recycled foodstuffs.


Leena was raised on a backwater farm world into a farming family. The circumstances of her joining the Inquisition are unknown.
She is a psyker and her primary mission is intelligence gathering, which she delivers to Dessius for him to sift through. She has played no active role in any field missions since her arrival on 41PRY.

Leena is part of the team of acolytes led by Dessius Arl. She initially acted as the primary contact for the team when they dealt with Al-Subaii’s acolytes. During this period she entered into a romantic relationship with Felix, who she began spending her free time with on a number of ‘dates’.

Leena Stang

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