Marlla "Maz" Firuga

ex-Imperial Guard


Approximately 5’6", muscular build (not body builder). Originally shaven headed, with a gang glyph tattooed on her head. Imperial aquila tattooed on left bicep.


Originally a hiver from Gun Metal City, Scintilla, Maz escaped the grind of hive gang warfare and entered a profession perfectly suited to her skills – the Imperial Guard. She had a problem with authority, and never rose especially high within the ranks. The final straw was supposedly headbutting a Commissar – no one is able to confirm or deny this story, but her battlefield prowess, insane bravery in the face of overwhelming odds, and survivability brought her to the attention of Inquisitor Dax. She met her new team mates whilst in chains and fully expecting execution, and was surprised and relieved to start afresh.

Maz fought daemons on Torgrim’s World, xenos on Miron IV and Slaugth on 41 Pry, sustaining the kinds of injuries that would have killed lesser men. She was never especially good at making friends, but had a kind of understanding with Ravi, and respected Eli. Her loyalty to her team was unquestioning.

Maz met her demise in the Room of Cages whilst looking for Constantine’s acolyte team.

Marlla "Maz" Firuga

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