When the acolytes Ravi, Maz, Ish, and Ravi first met Mer-Sik, he appeared a hideous man, stunted in size, head oversized for body, hands too big and with a hunched back. His skin is grey and leathery, and he has a pronounced lower jaw. He wear a heavy number of prosthetics – the left side of his head is metal plating and he has a bionic eye that conceals some kind of scanner and weapon. His right eye does not blink. Both hands are cybernetic replacements. He had a Syndicate brand on his neck.

After his capture Mer-Sik was revealed to be even more modified than the acolytes thought. His limbs were all prosthetic, which were removed when he was delivered for interrogation.


Mer-Sik was an agent of The Syndicate who often worked on or around 41PRY. Mer-Sik’s job within the organisation was to organise the trade in forbidden xenos artifacts, setting up transactions between buyers and his Slaugth masters, and sanctioning the purchase of artifacts that he would pass onto sellers such as Althan Guir. He cultivated a reputation as a dealer in obscure or interesting curios and tech.

The arms dealer Stromberg put the acolytes in touch with Mer-Sik, seeing an opportunity to cause problems for The Syndicate. Mer-Sik usually contracted the hired guns Gailman and Tellani as his bodyguards on station, but required extra protection when travelling on The August Seas as he feared the skinwalker Dax Daegarden. He hired Eli, Ravi, Maz and Ish as extra help when making such a journey to the desert world of Miron IV where Cortez Sunday and his crew would be excavating items for sale from the long-extinct xeno denizens of the sector. Mer-Sik had a second, ulterior motive however – he was searching for a power source for the Gravilax Triangulator, a forbidden alien device that allows for instantaneous warp travel. Although the Syndicate had supplied Mer-Sik with the triangulator with the intention of allowing the device to fall into circulation within the sector, thus causing instability and chaos, Mer-Sik did not reveal the existence of the power source on Miron IV to his allies on the August Seas, seeking to retain it for his own use. When the excavation was attacked by the forces of the Chaos Renegade Morgadd he was wounded and eventually captured by the acolytes and tortured for information on The Syndicate and their dealings. He remains a captive of Dessius Arl until such time as he can be removed from the station under Inquisitorial guard.

Mer-Sik was highly paranoid and terrified of his ‘masters’ in The Syndicate. He had a deep fear of being eaten and replaced by a Slaugth and carefully tested anyone he worked with or spent an extended time with for evidence that they might secretly be one of the aliens. He looked down upon and despised the other human agents such as Guir and Sunday, but displayed a subservient attitude to them.

It was Mer-Sik who revealed to the acolytes that Guir, under pressure from Sirocco, had sold their fellows as fodder to the Room of Cages. It was also Mer-Sik who revealed the existence of a second power source, in the hands of Thrungg


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