The Despoiler


Morgad is a huge figure, standing 8 feet in height. His red and gold power armour, which he has not been seen out of, is ancient and heavily scarred with bolter impacts and las-burns, and decorated with skulls and shattered chunks of imperial iconography hanging from chains across his chest and shoulders. His helm is unornamented and faceless aside from the eye sockets.

Morgad’s troops are a mix of renegade astartes and human, attired in a similar way with bones, rags and gruesome trophies displayed across their weapons, armour and ships – (something akin to Firefly’s Reavers)


Morgad, also known as Morgad the Despoiler, is a renegade Astartes who attacked and drove off the August Seas on Miron IV. Eli tried to kill him with a sniper shot, but the bullet burned up in his void shield.

Mer-Sik knew Morgad by reputation as a dangerous enemy who strikes at shipping and small cities / moons across the eastern edge of the Calixis Sector. To the Imperial authorities the force he commands is not large enough to be a threat worth mobilising en mass, hence he has ravaged the sector for nearly three centuries, leaving death and misery in his wake.


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