Arms dealer, opponent of the Syndicate


Mr Stromberg is a smartly dressed man, with cropped greying hair, and a stubbly beard. Evidence of rejuvenation treatments, which leave a waxy demeanour, can be seen on his face. He appears to like cats.


Stromberg is the big name in arms dealing on 41 Pry. He dislikes dealing with xenos. He deals in large scale business i.e. kitting out small armies.

Stromberg has a base of operations on 41 Pry outside of the pirate controlled areas. He can only be contacted if a person is referred to him. His base is heavily defended by mounted guns in the docking area. There is a little garden area in a viewing bubble which looks out into the starfield. There are fish in a pond, water features, butterflies, and heat. A genetically altered lynx has been spotted in the area.
Stromberg’s office is decorated in red and gold. There is a large desk in the middle, and in front of it a hole which occasionally has things thrown down it.
Stromberg speaks with a Russian accent.

He knows of the Syndicate, and that there are Syndicate operatives on the space station. He does not enjoy working with the Syndicate, as they make him nervous.

Stromberg has previously employed Ravi’s party of acolytes to steal Ghost Fire from the Iron Knights, which started the open pirate warfare. He has also provided them with equipment when requested. Stromberg was also able to send a message to their Inquisitor, which revealed the fact that they were Inquisition agents to him.

Notes added by Charlotte:
Stromberg is the Ghost Fire pollen dealer in the area, and probably deals with the warlords on the Ghost Fire planet. He is interested in keeping the war going. He is not a major threat, and has shadow influence on the station.


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