The August Seas

A mysterious rogue trader vessel


The August Seas is a rogue trader tramp vessel. It is very old. It has had multiple captains, and a crew of several hundred. The last known command structure was:
Captain Dax Daegaarden
First Mate Ishmail Bruthe
Second Mate Cortez Sunday
Engineer Miklaes Xeta Ivin


The last recorded voyage of the August Seas was 4 years ago, when it left the Lathes, arrived in the Malfi system then vanished into the warp never to be seen again. 2 years ago a ship matching the signature of the August Seas was spotted by a Cobra Class Destroyer but it vanished into the Warp. It is now presumed pirate.

The acolyte team led by Constantine was dispatched to 41 Pry to investigate the August Seas. Shipping records informed the team that 4 years ago, the August Seas docked at 41 Pry for a week to refuel and take on a new crew. It didn’t pay to dock, and traded weaponry and technology in return.

2 years ago the Grand Oceans, a ship the same size and class as the August Seas, stopped to refuel and take on oxygen and food stuffs. The crew was replaced, and slaves were taken on. Once again it traded tech and weapons for docking fee. The sponsor was Althan Guir, as it was 2 years prior to this. The captain was listed as Cortez Sunday on both occasions.

The August Seas has docked approximately every 8 months, using a different name each time. Althan Guir has been the sponsor each time. The last time it docked at 41 Pry, Ravi’s acolyte team boarded it in the employ of Mer-Sik.

The last actual sighting of the August Seas was by Ravi’s acolyte team, when it dropped them off at Miron IV and then left without them. At this time, it was being powered by Mer-Sik’s xeno power source in order to travel through the Warp – the acolytes have presumed it now consumed by the Warp.

At some point in the history of the August Seas, Second Mate Cortez Sunday led a mutiny against Captain Daegaarden. He was assisted in this by Miklaes who had grand plans, and took them beyond the rim. The plan was to get involved with the Cold Trade. Something happened to Daegaarden whilst he was in the brig, and it changed him. Half the crew were shot into space. First Mate Bruthe offered to stay on the station to make the required contacts, and to get away from the craziness on the ship.

As a result of this mutiny, the August Seas now travels “beyond the rim” to obtain items to sell as part of the Cold Trade. Miklaes is building weapons and sells them through Althan Guir, who worked for the Syndicate.

The August Seas

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