The Slaugth

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The Slaugth are known as “maggot men”, “dream eaters” and the “skin walkers” whose bodies and minds are completely alien to humanity. Their roughly humanoid form stands roughly as large as three meters in height. This body has hundreds of writhing maggot-like worms covered in a viscous, necrotic mucus. These traits allow them to stretch and reform their bodies at will whilst allowing them to move with on obscene boneless fluidity along with the capacity to regenerate at startling speed. Slaugth are impervious to age, disease, poison and are vulnerable to only the most extreme of injuries. Their alien minds are coldly savage and are psychic voids filled with a monstrous hunger for the dead. They are able to produce necrotic fluids from their body tissues, consisting of flesh-eating bacteria and molecular acids able to liquefy flesh or even burn through metal. They are one of the xenos that conceal their true selves and walk amongst Mankind as if they were Humans themselves.

Above all other kinds, the Slaugth crave the dead flesh of other sentient beings, with a particular fetish for consuming cranial matter, which gives them a narcotic experience. Some say that this allows them to consume the memories and knowledge of their victims.

Many regard these xenos as a nightmarish myth, born as a void-born tale by mad Rogue Traders. The Inquisition knows them to be a real threat, though it has suppressed all knowledge of them for millennia


The Slaugth

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