Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

A face from the past
In which Modesty returns to the team.

Dessius wants to see them team as he has important information. Modesty has returned. Dessius’ men picked her up 2 days previously. Her head has been shaved, she is wearing drab clothes and no obvious jewellery. Ish checks her over and she is not a skin walker.

The team quickly update Modesty on the situation, and ask her what she has been doing. Modesty replies that all the Iron Knights do is work out and shoot things. She just tried to blend in and not get shot, and managed to escape with Dessius’ help.

Modesty is not very impressed with the plan that the team have put together. Modesty suggests instead that the team hire Barr to kill someone, and set him up in order to trap him. Modesty wants to use Ravi as bait. Ravi and Ish find the plan flawed, and Ravi just wants to shoot Barr when he leaves the club – unfortunately SOTV are known for using surveillance, so it would be obvious what happened. Eli suggests only killing Eman – this will still send a strong message. In the end the team decide to send a note to Barr to try and trap him – “I have information about your latest target. Meet me at X location with a thousand crowns”.

Attempted ambush
In which the team attempt to ambush Barr

The team head to the ambush point, and presume Modesty has given the poison and delivered the note. Modesty does not accompany the team to the ambush point. Ravi takes Maz’s flamer. It is a hot ambush point near some heat exhausts, no human traffic. Eli will be on the walkway, Maz and Ravi in the corridor. Very low lighting.

The bad guys arrive – 12 confirmed enemies. It appears Althan Guir is in the group, and he offers to find the other party in exchange for the Gravalax Triangulator. The party agree to meet him at “Golthar’s Meat on a Stick” stand in 12 hours to show a pict of the triangulator to an agent wearing a green and yellow hat making the sign of the aquila. Ravi will use “Subramanyam” as his identified.

Guir talks into a communicator then goes – xenos tech. Ish assumes communication with the skin walkers has taken place.

The team decide to make an information drop to Dessius (a lot of fake ones and a real one in case we are being followed). Will need to re-establish contact with Modesty.

A cunning plan
In which Ish suggests a very cunning plan and Ravi does a lot of running

The team make the fake drops. Ish is convinced he was followed. Eli gets ambushed by SOTV thugs, but kills them all. They didn’t say anything, but they had ghost tattoos. The team make contact with Modesty, she is staying out of trouble.

Ish points out that Guir will follow us to the location of the gravalax triangulator. The team keep moving around to try and prevent anyone from tracking them down.

Eli has become properly spooked, and feels like he is always being watched. Ish cannot sense anything sinister using his psychic powers.

The team pick up the pict of the spherical part of the triangulator (the power source).

The team are currently in the wet part of the SOTV concourse. Eli is 4 floors up. SOTV thugs are patrolling around in pairs, not more numerous than usual. The team get in position.

Ravi makes the exchange with Rastamouse. He is a crazy looking man with dreadlocks. He appears to be getting some kind of message. Eli looks around and sees a man in carapace armour holding a las cannon aimed at the meeting place – Barr! Eli warns Ravi over microbead, and Ravi starts to run. Barr pulls back, and Eli starts to follow him. Ravi is being followed by 2 different groups who are co-ordinating their tailing of him. Ravi is deliberately trying to attract the attention on to himself. Maz loses him in the crowd unfortunately. Ish has scarpered. the team maintain radio silence.

It is safe to assume the whole team are being followed or tracked by cameras.

Eli has followed Barr, who met with Guir and Rastamouse on a bridge over some machinery. Guir gave Barr something, and Barr stated he was confident he could have killed Ravi. Guir said the purpose was to tag them, and it worked. Guir stated he knew it wouldn’t be a straight up trade. Guir told Barr to shoot the team in the concourse at the next meeting and blame it on the Iron Knights.

Eli relays this to the team, who are concerned they have all been bugged. As soon as Guir gets the case the team will all die. Eli knows now how Barr will get to the concourse.

Ish hides out amongst the hobos on the station, and pinpoints lots of cameras easily. There are guards around, lax and numerous. No one seems to be following Ish. Ish identifies the exchange point in the dry part of the concourse.

Ravi is being followed by two guys, one dressed like a tramp the other like a SOTV pirate.

Maz goes for a beer. Eli and Ish meet up. Only Ravi is being followed now. Eli will stick with Ravi in case he gets ambushed.

The team decide they need to get Gaelman to make a bomb. Maz drops a message to Dessius.

In which the team blow up the concourse

Dessius is supplying the team with a lot of equipment. The new safe house will be the APC as they will need to get out of SOTV territory very quickly.
Gailman will be in the APC.

The site for the bomb is chosen – “Skanks” bar, a cross between a marquee and a tin shack. It serves strong booze and reconstituted meals. There is metal plate flooring in Skanks. The team are looking for air ducts under the floor. The tunnel goes all the way to the APC. Eli will have to commando wriggle along.

For the Emperor – Kill Barr
I like bananas – let him take the shot
Switch – Modesty to pick pocket. Ish will drop his crutch to signal he is ready for the pick pocket.

Guir comes along and Maz gives the kill order. Eli hits Barr, who falls over the balcony, crashing through a stall. Maz shoots two of Guir’s goons. The team shoot Guir, and Maz leaps into action. Ravi kills a bystander.
The Sons of the Void are starting to converge on this sector. Ish is trying to escape along an overland escape route.
Maz uses Guir as a human shield, and Rastamouse shoots him twice. Telanni kills someone, but also gets shot. Ravid gets shot and loses the front part of his left foot. Maz shoots Rastamouse in the head.

Maz drops Guir to the floor when the shooting is all done, and he turns out to be a skinwalker. In horror, we flee along the escape tunnel and blow up Skanks, taking out Guir’s body which was starting to transform into maggotty things. The explosion in Skanks blows up the oxygen containers in the building behind it, causing a massive chain reaction explosion which takes out half of the SOTV concourse.

The new lie of the land
In which the team keep a low profile

The team all escape to the APC alive. It is a military issue APC, stripped down on the inside so there is a lot of space. Rack for weapons. Heavy stubber mounted on the top, but not much ammo. It is not a smooth ride.

Synthi skin, pain killers and antibiotics are available.

Modesty robbed Guir’s body before the team escaped. She found an alien communicator.

Gailman is monitoring radio chatter. Silas Sirrocco is in a weak position, and everyone thinks it was a terrorist attack. The August Seas also gets mentioned on the radio.

Telaani has seen the Triangulator before – she once saw a drawing of it and it was something to do with St Drusus. the Cold Trade focuses on pre-Drusus artefacts. Telaani is confdient that if she had access to the scriptures (2nd book, 43rd volume, Cleansing of the Mirron Sector) she could track it down. She will pray hard for enlightenment.

The team are concerned about these items:
1. Gangs – a move from SOTV territory would be very prudent
2. August Seas – what state is it in, are the crew alive?
3. Scriptures – ask Dessius for assistance
4. Dessius – how can he be contacted
5. Red Circus – could this be used as a distraction for someone to launch an attack on another territory?
6. Stromberg – what about him?

Gailman and Ish get in to the main part of the station, note that SOTV are reinforcing their borders. Suspicion is that it was a suicide bomber who blew up the station, bad form, crosses a line. SOTV are planning to stick it to the Brotherhood. There are fewer people around and more pirates.

They hear that the concourse collapsed into the heat sink underneath.
The other agents have been sent to the Red Circus. Dessius has got the team access to the Red Circus and Brotherhood territory.

The Room of Cages, part 1
The acolytes enter the room of cages to rescue their comrades

The Room of Cages is an ongoing gladatorial event running for the entirety of the Red Circus. To win, the team need to cross the room and get through a number of other kill teams. There will be teams of slaves, and xeno creatures.

13 kill teams – 50 team members.
All three pirate gangs have entered teams.
Mix of mercs and killers. One obvious xeno – an enormous ork, who is part of a pirate team. No kroot.
One team are wearing furs and animal skulls, and have lizard beasts with them.
One team is wearing environment suits (nitrogen atmosphere) – they look humanoid.
Servitors and mutants are present.
One team is draped in human skins.
Two teams have flamers.
Everyone looks ready to kill.

The Master of Ceremonies is The Kill Crazy. He explains the rules. The complex is on three levels. The exit is in the middle level, but you do not know which level you start on. Slaves will be released at the same time as the kill teams. Everything is a target. Make it look good.

The klaxon sounds and the door opens in front of the team. Maz is first out of the door, but Eli shortly takes point. It is warm, and damp. The team can already hear heavy gunfire and screams to the North East. Blood on the floors and walls already. The team enter a room with a low ceiling, and behind them they hear a loud sniff. A large shadow on the ceiling, size of a very large dog. At the same time, the team set off trip wires and a large battering ram is loosed across the room. Ravi takes a blow, but Eli dodges. Maz flames the beast, and Modesty shoots it.
“First team eliminated”.

The team enter another small room, smell blood and laser discharge, and Eli is hit with a blade trap. In the next room there are chains hanging from the ceiling, with 4 human bodies which have been decapitated and skinned. No sign of the heads, but the skins are stuck to the rear wall. Another corpse on the other side of the room, shot. These people were probably not part of a kill team.

Something is moving by the door, Predator style. Maz shoots the flamer at where she thought it was, and something catches fire. It looks insectoid. Maz gets tackled by another insectoid thing. Her helmet gets ripped off her head and she briefly passes out. Modesty shoots the insectoid.
The team notice a big servitor las turret over the door. Ravi shoots it and it explodes. Eli drags Maz out of the room into the corridor.

The team are now heading towards where they heard a massive scream. In the middle of the room is a dying carnosaur which has been beaten by what is left of the primitive kill team. Eli shoots one man and a lizard. Modesty lays down suppressing fire across the carnosaur, Maz watches the corridor. A lizard beast attacks Eli’s leg. Ravi sneaks around the carnosaur to finish off this team.
“Second team eliminated”
“Third team eliminated”

There are three exits from this room – the way the team entered, one to the left and one to the right. The team go right.

They enter a small room. There are the remains of a human arm, severed below the elbow. They continue along the corridor which turns to the right, ending with a door. The team go back to the carnosaur room and take the left exit.

It is a corridor, covered in blood and gore. There is a big grinder built into the floor covered in gore, blocking the width of the corridor. Just as the team turn to leave, a battering ram smashes down the corridor and knocks Ravi into the grinder, which starts up. Ravi goes hand first into the grinder, and loses all his fingers. Maz dives through the door to rescue him, leaving the flamer behind. She is unable to pull him free. Ravi loses his hand but jams the gun into the grinder to stop it. Maz finally able to pull Ravi free, and applies a tourniquet and some stims to him.

There are two exits on the left, and a door, past the grinder. The two exits are holding cells. The team step inside the holding cells whilst Eli activates the door button. It opens into a room. The team enter this room.
Blood on the floor, fans on the ceiling. Totally empty. Sound of metal scraping on metal beyond the door. Maz gives Ravi one of her hand cannons.

The team go back to the carnosaur room. The other room was a holding cell. They go back to the grinder room. Maz is bringing up the rear, and hears a noise from behind them.

The team enter a big room, with a pole in the middle of the room and drain next to it. Eli smells blood but doesn’t see any. The room narrows beyond the pole.

The team are being followed by a Brotherhood team. Maz flames the team and scares them. There is an exchange of gunfire, and the team have to enter the room at speed. They get halfway across the room when the doors shut and lock, and the ceiling starts to come down. The team get the grate cover off the drain and jump in.

Room of Cages part 2
The pole grinder trap, and the way down to the next level

The team end up thigh deep in dead bodies, which are in an advanced state of decay. Eli is dangling off a grappling hook. The team are gripped by panic as bore worms pop out of the bodies, and bodily fluids go everywhere. Maz sets off the flamer, setting bodies on fire. There are constant fresh worms appearing from the bodies.

It gets hotter as the fire burns, and the promethium cannisters for the flamer are now in danger. The team start to smoulder as well. The team try to climb out of the pit. The ceiling has come down flat to the floor. Ravi is trying to clear the floor of bore rooms.

The fire is starting to go down as oxygen is getting low.

Maz punches Modesty to keep her awake. Ravi passes out.

Just as it is starting to look desperate, the ceiling starts to lift. Eli shins out and drags Modesty out. He goes back to get Ravi out, and once Maz is out the team start running for the door. The door opens and Maz shoots a cautious jet of promethium down the corridor. Modesty shoots across the room at the Brotherhood who are in the other doorway. Eli and Ravi run across the room, luring the Brotherhood into the room. Eli shoots the man with the flamer and three guys explode. The door closes in front of the team, and they heard a noise from the right.

“Fourth team eliminated”.
The team head left.

The team find a ladder heading down. Eli goes down first to check it out. It is a darker level with loud machinery. There is a mesh floor with liquid underneath it. Looks like oil or tar but it has a current. There is a body on the floor, human male. Has had a bullet to the head and is wearing an explosive collar. Eli comes back up and reports back.

The team go back along the corridor, figuring that this level must be the middle level.

There is a room with a computer at a desk. Modesty goes into the room to have a look, and the door shuts behind her. A riddle appears on the screen, she gets the answer wrong and the computer explodes. Fortunately Modesty escapes.

Room of Cages, Part 3
Servitors, ambulls, pit traps and bolt pistols

The team are heading back along the corridor, and can hear crashing around in the distance. Maz is covering the rear, Ravi covering ahead. Eli opens a door. Lights start coming on. It is a long room, 100ft in length, 30 ft wide with alcoves either side. Looks disused. They hear a voice from the far end asking for help – the team decide to ignore it and follow the corridor around.

Two open door ways appear ahead on the right. There is a big smear of gore down the corridor, ends with a severed leg, possibly belonged to a female. The first room is empty, looks like a starting area. The second room is full of cable, twisted metal and junk. the team hear noises of gunfire behind them.
Around the corner is carnage – body parts everywhere. Kill teams and slaves. Eli suspects a trap. There are not enough bits for all the gore.
Modesty decides to have a look back the way the team came from. She sees a servitor down the corridor with a circular saw and a gun coming out of the SOS room. It stops, and is listening/scanning.
The team go into the bloody corridor, where there are big score marks in the walls. There is a huge clanging noise from ahead of us. The team decide to go back and take out the servitor, only now there are two of them.
Maz jets off some promethium and sets them on fire. The servitor opens up with a heavy stubber, and Maz takes a hit to the chest. A third servitor shows up, lightly on fire. Maz pulls out a hand cannon and shoots no. 2 through the head. No. 3 starts shooting.

Modesty has gone up the other end of the corridor, and sees an Ambull eating someone. It has heard the shooting.

The team are engrossed in shooting the servitors, and don’t notice the ambull appearing behind them until it charges them. Maz is frozen by fear, and gets hit by the ambull. She flames the ambull and it runs away.

The team finish off the servitors and pursue the ambull. The corridors are covered in gore. The team enter what is clearly a holding area for the ambulls, where there is evidence of violence. There is an ambull feeding on someone, and a second ambull in the corridor. The team open up on the ambulls. Maz ends up shooting an ambull with her hand cannons and kills it. Both ambulls are killed.

The team go back down the corridor into another room. There is a pit with liquid and suspended over the pit is a chain suggesting a person could swing over it. Suddenly another kill team appear on the other side of the pit and are shooting at the team. They are the kill team in environment suits. There is an exchange of gunfire. One guy pitches forward into the acid and Maz shoots the flamer which ignites the fumes in the room!

“Fifth team eliminated”.

The team decide to head back to the ladder. There is a dead combat servitor near it suggesting someone came up the ladder as the team have not killed this one. There is blood on the rungs of the ladder, and the corpse is still on the floor. Maz looks and sees bolt shells. She goes down the ladder, and gets a gun stuck in her face. It’s a member of the Brotherhood team. Whilst he is threatening Maz, Eli shoots him in the head.

“Sixth team eliminated”.
Maz picks up a bolt pistol. She stashes the flamer and gets out the hand cannons.

Room of Cages, Part 4
The rescue and bloody heroic escape

The acolytes are progressing along the corridors, encountering bullet hole riddled bodies and plenty of gun emplacements. There is a loud machine spirit sound as well. Eli scouts ahead in the long dim corridors. He finds a secret door, and at the same time something which appears to be a wall of blades and spikes charges towards him. Eli gets sucked in through the secret door – a mini vacuum of super heated air. Eli has the presence of mind to use his grapple gun, and instead of falling to his death is now dangling from it below the level he came in on. Across the chamber, he sees a door with “Exit” marked on it.
The rest of the team see the wall go past them, heading away from them at first then coming back. Modesty throws a couple of promethium cannisters at the wall and the floor catches fire – all the oil is burning under the floor grill. Ravi and Modesty both catch fire, but are put out quickly. The team run round to where Eli is and pull him out.
The team search the area, finding a couple of horrible rooms with sinister liquid pools. They find a lift marked “exit” which they are very suspicious of.
They hear sporadic gunfire and head towards it.

They enter a very large room, in which overhead water sprinklers have been activated. There are moving targets like in a shooting range and manacled to these targets are a number of prisoners. Some of them look like the team’s targets. There is already a crazy fire fight going on in this room. There are three banks of 4 targets moving back and forth. In the course of the fire fight, the 7th and 8th kill teams are eliminated. The acolytes rescue Constantine, Scaphandra, Felix and Julia.

The team enter a room with 4 pillars on the back wall with mounted guns. There is a hole in the wall behind the guns. The floor is very crunchy, and blood covered locusts cover the floor. There are doors either side of the entrance. Eli goes to the check the left hand exit, and Maz keeps an eye on the hostages. Eli gets shot at but shrugs it off. He slips through the door into a south heading corridor which then turns west. There is a corpse on the floor, one of the scalpers. Riddled with bullets – human shields.

The power goes out – there is a no light at all. The machinery sounds stop as well. A speaker crackles into life instructing all remaining kill teams to target the acolytes and to be stopped from leaving. The team are referred to as a Rogue Team. The lights then come back on.

There are servo skulls attached to machine guns which will shoot the team. Modesty shoots out a camera. Eli shoots all the servitor skulls and destroys them.

The team check out the right hand door – three dead saurians and no way out.

The team all move to the left hand exit, keeping as far as possible from the centre of the room. Maz leaves a near empty cannister of promethium in the middle room. The team are entering a very greasy area, and then are suddenly taking fire from all corners. Ambush!

There is an ork to the North, SOTV with las rifles to the East and two guys with autoguns to the South. Maz gets hit by the firing and goes down and backwards out of the line of fire. Eli pulls her out of danger. Modesty clears the hostages back into a safer room. Eli rolls one of the promethium cans into the crossroads. The Ork comes round the corner and Ravi shoots him but doesn’t stop him. the Ork is armed with a snazzgun and a choppa (chainsword). Ravi shoots the promethium cannister which explodes in all 4 directions. Two guys die and the Ork gets set on fire. Ravi shoots the Ork again and takes his arm off at the elbow. There is a big firefight. Maz starts firing the flamer again.

“Ninth team eliminated”.

The Ork is still fighting. Cuts Maz’s left arm off between elbow and shoulder. Ravi attacks the Ork again with his hand cannon. It finally goes down.

“Tenth team eliminated”. This leaves the acolytes, SOTV and the scalpers.

Modesty takes the flamer and three tanks. Maz still has 2 tanks on her. Maz brings up the rear as the team start moving again.

Eli opens a door, expecting a trap. There are skinned bodies hanging from the ceiling and bodies on the floor. There are figures at the back of the room.

Eli shoots a potential skinwalker, and there is the sound of choking and gurgling. Modesty and Eli get the fear. The skinwalker spits fire and moves into the doorway. Maz drops the hand cannon and draws the bolt pistol, and shoots it, blowing off an appendage. Ravi shoots it with a shotgun. There is a member of the SOTV team with a hole in its head following the skinwalker out.
Modesty has caught up with the last two members of the skinners team and flames them. They burn up.
Maz shoots the thing again and makes it collapse in a heap. Ravi blows chunks out of the SOTV and pulls the door off its hinge.

“Eleventh team eliminated”.

Maz and Ravi shoot at the skinwalker again, knocking it over. Suddenly it lashes out at the team and Maz takes a massive gut wound. She stumbles backwards into the room trying to hold her guts in place. Ravi jumps into the room. Modesty catches up and flames the skinwalker, it catches fire.
Maz drops the bolt pistol and draws a hand cannon. It isn’t taking damage from the flames. Maz throws the promethium cannisters out of the way over the things neck. Eli legs it. Maz backs into the room, aims, fires and collapses dead.
Ravi keeps shooting. The promethium explodes.

“Twelfth team eliminated”.
Eli retrieves an unconscious Ravi. Modesty goes to get the other acolytes. Ravi goes back in to retrieve Maz’s dogtags.

The team go to the lift which is lit up with an exit sign. The lift goes up. It opens into an arena, with a chanting crowd all around them. They have completed the Room of Cages and rescued their comrades.

After the Room of Cages

Ravi, Eli, Felix and Scaphandra are in a waiting area in a hospital environment. Felix has no real memory of anything between getting blown up by Guir and waking up. There is some stilted conversation.

A guard comes in and takes the acolytes up in an elevator. They go out onto a balcony, where there is a Kroot and some humans. Stromberg and Smoker were there. Two leaders are in conversation.
Hondo Jolly, ex-astartes, 7 ft tall and wide. Bald, totally hairless. Skin looks moist. Little piggy eyes. Wearing Brotherhood gear and a skull necklace.
Alenya Bevishenk, dressed like a commissar. No adornments. Wearing gloves. Pale skin. blonde hair, blue eyes, big scare on face.

Hondo welcomes the team, he seems jovial. He asks Ravi and Eli why they freed the others. They don’t give him a straight answer.

Silo appears to have fallen out with Hondo and Alenya. Alenya appears to think little of Jolly. Ravi suggests the acolytes could work with her.

The acolytes are released – clearly there is enough of a threat of Inquisitorial attention on 41 Pry that the leaders are prompted to let them go.

They meet back up with Dessius. It has been 16 days since the Room of Cages opened, and the word going round was that Sirocco had a mutant in the Room of Cages. Apparently Sirocco and Bevishenk were appalled by the skinwalker, and Sirocco was very agitated when the acolytes won.

Ish had made a bit of money betting on arena fights. He had been able to ascertain that the winners would be getting medical attention. Sirocco is no longer distributing pictures of Eli and Ravi.

The team agree that it remains important to investigate the Syndicate further, and investigate the gangs, eliminating one and setting up one as a puppet but with an opposition party in place.


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