Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

Dead Man Walking
The acolytes encounter the Syndicate

After the Ghost Fire Heist, Eli and Ish are able to go out to the concourse and observe the Brotherhood pirates. The pirates are tense and on alert. They have been skirmishing with the Iron Knights. The Knights have been claiming that the truce has been violated. There have been mixed reports about what happened, and most people are expecting a big fight. Hondo Jolly is very angry. The general feeling is that the Sons of the Void are going to take advantage, and that they might have engineered it all. Hondo Jolly and Alenya Bevishank will have to meet to have talks.

Whilst they are out, Ish sees a man walk past him that he has previously killed. For some reason, Ish does not mention this to anyone.

After a few days, Ish once again sees the dead guy walking around. He tries to get a psychic reading on him, but there is nothing present. Eli also sees him, so Ish knows he isn’t going mad. Eli can see he doesn’t look quite right – he looks unhealthy and pale, and there are crusted traces of blood around his eyes and mouth.

A day or so later, Eli sees the dead guy again, in the company of Artherian Maschnik, who they last saw dead in Iron Knights territory. Ish and Ravi are with him. Artherian is talking to the Brotherhood. They shake hands with the Brotherhood pirates and walk away. The party become concerned – last time they saw the dead walking was on Torgrim’s World in the service of a daemon.

Eli, Ish and Ravi heard a strange noise in the corridors of the station when trying to follow Artherian, and take Maz (who has been healing her wounds) to go and investigate. Eli had noticed that Artherian had some marks on his head, as though he had some kind of surgery that had been covered up with synthiskin.

The sound came from a really unpleasant part of the station. They can hear the station creaking and groaning. The lights have gone completely in these corridors. Fortunately the party have torches. After finding their way blocked, Eli notices a cold sticky viscous substance on the floor. It smells fetid, like nasty old sap. It starts to sting Eli’s finger slightly, and is very cold.

There is a strange hold in the floor and wall, like a storm drain. It has been deliberately cut away. There is a tunnel heading up, and the sides are covered in the sticky substance, almost like a lubricant. Ish pokes his billy club into the hole. The metal of the wall buckles slightly, but doesn’t give. The billy club is now covered in goo.

The party agree to go and get a las cutter so they can get through. The substance is mildly corrosive.

Ravi uses the las cutter to start cutting through the wall. Ravi cuts through the wall, and there is a corridor on the other side. The air is cold and misty. The team climb through, into a room full of corpses hanging upside down from the ceiling. At least 40 bodies. A number of the corpses (50%) are skinless. The skulls have been cut out and the brains removed. There is a door on the opposite side of the room.

The floor has blobs of viscous liquid on it, as though something drippy had walked through. The door on the far side is locked with an electronic keypad.

Eli searches through a pile of greasy rags, and finds skin underneath the clothing. The skin has been taken off in one piece. They find the skin of a tramp that Ish had to kill. Someone/something has been wearing the skins of the dead. Ravi starts to become jumpy and paranoid.

There is alien technology on the tables, made of the same material as Cranmar’s gun. Eli picks one up to look at – it is clean, and the Syndicate symbol is embossed on it. Ravi decides to cut his way out of the room with the las cutter.

The room on the other side of the cut door is dark, warm air, noisy. It is a generator room, with a low ceiling. There is a lot of heavy machinery. There is a clear path through the dust on the floor indicating regular use. The party are alarmed by a noise.

There are some decaying dismembered bodies laid out on a machine, and there are some partially consumed brains on a shelf.

And there’s a thing. It looks like a tube of meat, 6-7 foot in height. It has large teeth, it is veiny, and it has frondy appendages. 3 tentacles anchor it above the ground. Maz fails her fear test. Ravi briefly faints. Eli and Ish shoot it, and it opens its eyes. More arms unfold from the body and lash out towards the party. Ravi takes critical damage to his head, and shoots it with manstopper bullets. Maz remains unable to act. Big globbets of xeno flesh fly off it, and start steaming on the floor. More tentacles appear and lash out at the party. Ravi loses 3 fingers on his left hand. Maz grabs Ravi and starts pulling him away. Eli obliterates it with a 30 point critical hit.

There is a service elevator, and at this point the elevator platform arrives. Three people are on it, with a coffin shaped trunk. The party hide. Artherian is leading the way, and two guys in Brotherhood colours follow, carrying the coffin. Artherian is aware something is wrong, but continues to where he is going. Eli breaks off to follow him, and the party follow Eli. When Artherian sees the hole in the wall of the cold room, he starts to kill one of the Brotherhood guys. Eli shoots him straight in the head. This blows off the top of his head, and the skin falls off. Wriggling worm things appear. The party are horrified, and start running for the elevator. Maz re-opens the wound that she sustained in the Ghost Fire heist. Artherian is running faster than the party, although they have a head start. Ravi takes aim and fires at Artherian, hits him enough to throw him back. Maz and Eli shoot at him as well. Ravi finally fires the shot that blows Artherian into a grinding machine.

Eli looks into the coffin and memorises the corpse’s face. The party escape back to their hideout.

The Ghost Fire Heist
How the acolytes meet Stromberg, and do a job for him

The party are meeting with Stromberg, an arms dealer.

Ghost Fire is a drug that grows on Iocanthus. Sometimes the Iron Knights deal Ghost Fire on the station. Stromberg wants the party to go to Iron Knights territory and steal from them to supply him with the Ghost Fire. The shipment will come in a couple of days. Stromberg will provide the transport, Shank will provide the details.

The party will be transported to the Iron Knights sector. The landing zone will be hot. The lander will be obviously not IK. The party will be dropped at the point where the deal is taking place. The drugs will already be there – the party are to interrupt the deal, and steal the merchandise. The drugs will be in a single crate. They have a very high street value. The party are warned in no uncertain terms to not try and sell it on. The transport will pick the party up and drop them back in Brotherhood territory.

The transport vehicles all have Brotherhood insignia on them and the party surmise that Stromberg is trying to start a turf war.

When the party arrive, they assault the landing bay. The ship starts shooting up the surroundings. A lot of pirates get shot. The Ghost Fire is not where it should be. Maz gets ambushed hard and the party get separated. There is a lot of heavy fighting throughout the area. The party get shot up quite badly, but they take out a lot of pirates. Then the Kroot attack, and it is totally devastating. Ravi and Maz both go down, and Ish suffers a broken leg. Eli pulls off some pretty fancy shooting and manages to save everyone. Modesty has become separated from the party, and her com bead has gone dead.

After the fighting has finished, the team search some of the bodies. One of the corpses belongs to Artherian Maschnik. He has an Imperial ID card.

The party, minus Modesty, get back to the lander. The Ghost Fire is put aboard. The lander takes off and takes a different route to get the party back.

Mr Crackle greets the party. He looks quite cheerful. He scans the merchandise and is happy the party have got everything. The party are taken to a mini med bay to be healed by the use of Batarian Wongbat venom.

When Maz regained consciousness she was upset that the team did not go back for Modesty’s body.

The party are taken back to Stromberg’s place, through his garden and into the office again.
Stromberg is pleased with the team’s progress. He tells the team that the Syndicate are not based on the station. They deal in exotic weaponry and technology. They are most interested in selling items, and often request that Stromberg act as middle man. They are interested in finding things as well. Maybe they are looking to increase the circulation of xeno items. Everyone involved in the Syndicate has a tattoo. Stromberg can put the party in touch with a Syndicate agent, and this is usually safe well paid work. Stromberg reiterates that he is thinking of ending his association with the Syndicate. He doesn’t like them.

The party are dropped off discreetly at a different Brotherhood docking bay.

Arrival on 41 Pry

Party: Ravi, Eli, Maz, Modesty, Ish

41 Pry is a large space station, previously a refinery with a population of 6 million. It has been abandoned as a refinery for over 500 years. It still has a large population of “natives”, pirates and criminals. It is a supposed haven for piracy. There is no ruling group or individual, no law enforcement body other than the pirate groups who run their sections of the station. The station has not been maintained, as is gradually decaying. It has no official defence system.

The party were advised it would be easy to get passage off 41 Pry with some ease. The party stocked up on ammunition and other supplies. The concourse is an obvious place to buy stuff. Off the concourse, there are piles of rubbish in the corridors, and smells of tramps. It is not pleasant.

The party are staying briefly at “Heavenly Meadows” apartments, which is owned by Besmo Shahid and his daughter Neera.

The party start looking for a pilot to get them off 41 Pry. They identify that they need to find out where Cranmar got the xeno gun from. The party know that the previous Torgrims had been dealing in xenos, probably slavery related. Who are the Syndicate and what do they want?

The party go to a bar called The Green Saint (named after Alexis of Alros, a minor saint in the Imperial pantheon), where they find out that there are three main factions on the station: the Brotherhood of the Bloodied Suns, The Sons of the Void, and the Iron Knights. Traders pay the pirates protection money, and in return they sell their wares unmolested.
There are a number of arms dealers on the station, one in particular called Stromberg, but you need a referral to talk to him.

A vast amount of the station is not actually controlled by any of the gangs – lawless, animals, people and probably xenos in the lawless areas.

There is a heat sink room in the neutral zone where the pirate gangs host big fights, which they organise amongst themselves. Fights are always to the death, and take place every 6-8 weeks.

There are Kroot (xenos) on the station, aligned with the Iron Knights. All the Kroot work for Boss Score, their leader.

The Brotherhood of the Bloodied Suns are the second biggest pirate gang on the station, run by Hondo Jolly who is apparently “ex astartes”. He is a total bad ass, and a very visible figure on the station. The party have come aboard the station in Brotherhood territory. The general point of view in this sector is that the Brotherhood are rough but you know where you stand. Iron Knights are a small group, but vicious, no rules and anarchic. They work with xenos and are run by a woman, Alenya Bevishenk. There are no xenos in this area. Sons of the Void are untrustworthy backstabbers, thieves, dangerous. People disappear.

Ish has been observing the concourse and watching what has been going on. He has observed a number of noble looking people with bodyguards and has been curious about what they are doing. There was a big richly dressed man escorted by 6 obvious bodyguards, and a less obvious man trailing them. There was a woman with 4 bodyguards browsing the stalls, who bought something discreet from a man. Also saw a hunchbacked male doing a trade with a tech trader – has high quality prosthetics.

The party have decided that the Syndicate probably deal in both xeno tech and slavery.
Ravi has found out you need to go through Stromberg’s connections to get to him. He is known as being a xeno tech front for a couple of different groups. Ravi obtained a couple of leads – Mr Crackle and Mr Shank. Has arranged to sell the xeno gun to them to get Stromberg’s interest (700 thrones).

Ish had a long conversation with someone called Knocko Jemba.

Johnny Piranha deals with the disposal of bodies in this sector.

Ravi has threatened Modesty with a fake detonator for her bomb collar to keep her in line, and she has found out about his deception. She is pretty cross with him.


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