Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

A face from the past

In which Modesty returns to the team.

Dessius wants to see them team as he has important information. Modesty has returned. Dessius’ men picked her up 2 days previously. Her head has been shaved, she is wearing drab clothes and no obvious jewellery. Ish checks her over and she is not a skin walker.

The team quickly update Modesty on the situation, and ask her what she has been doing. Modesty replies that all the Iron Knights do is work out and shoot things. She just tried to blend in and not get shot, and managed to escape with Dessius’ help.

Modesty is not very impressed with the plan that the team have put together. Modesty suggests instead that the team hire Barr to kill someone, and set him up in order to trap him. Modesty wants to use Ravi as bait. Ravi and Ish find the plan flawed, and Ravi just wants to shoot Barr when he leaves the club – unfortunately SOTV are known for using surveillance, so it would be obvious what happened. Eli suggests only killing Eman – this will still send a strong message. In the end the team decide to send a note to Barr to try and trap him – “I have information about your latest target. Meet me at X location with a thousand crowns”.


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