Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

Abdul's Pleasure Palace, part 1

In which Big Chief Eli makes an appearance

Barr and Eman are known to frequent a place called Abdul’s Pleasure Palace. In order to kill them, “Big Chief” Eli and Maz will go to the Pleasure Palace and poison them when the opportunity is right. It is important to avoid an all out gunfight.

The Palace is in the Sons of the Void territory, in a smarter part of the station. It attracts a more outlandish looking clientele – a mix of Rogue Traders, Warlords, mercenaries, minor nobles, and a decent amount of security for them. Maz and Eli bribe their way in to the area, and find Abdul’s. Eli has never seen a place like this before.

Most of the patrons are armed, as are the bar staff.
Eman is drinking at the bar. He has an entourage with him. His arms are branded either with slave or gang markings. Barr is sitting on his own, drinking on his own. He is big and heavy set, with a classic marine look about him. He is wearing a suit, and drinks only from bottles. It will be hard to poison him.

Maz and Eli overhear Eman boasting about how flash he is, and how he did a big job recently and won’t need to work for a while. The “fat motherfucker” who hired him has got his own little base and a private army – this is definitely Guir.

Maz and Eli return to the rest of the team after this fact finding mission.


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