Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

After the Room of Cages

Ravi, Eli, Felix and Scaphandra are in a waiting area in a hospital environment. Felix has no real memory of anything between getting blown up by Guir and waking up. There is some stilted conversation.

A guard comes in and takes the acolytes up in an elevator. They go out onto a balcony, where there is a Kroot and some humans. Stromberg and Smoker were there. Two leaders are in conversation.
Hondo Jolly, ex-astartes, 7 ft tall and wide. Bald, totally hairless. Skin looks moist. Little piggy eyes. Wearing Brotherhood gear and a skull necklace.
Alenya Bevishenk, dressed like a commissar. No adornments. Wearing gloves. Pale skin. blonde hair, blue eyes, big scare on face.

Hondo welcomes the team, he seems jovial. He asks Ravi and Eli why they freed the others. They don’t give him a straight answer.

Silo appears to have fallen out with Hondo and Alenya. Alenya appears to think little of Jolly. Ravi suggests the acolytes could work with her.

The acolytes are released – clearly there is enough of a threat of Inquisitorial attention on 41 Pry that the leaders are prompted to let them go.

They meet back up with Dessius. It has been 16 days since the Room of Cages opened, and the word going round was that Sirocco had a mutant in the Room of Cages. Apparently Sirocco and Bevishenk were appalled by the skinwalker, and Sirocco was very agitated when the acolytes won.

Ish had made a bit of money betting on arena fights. He had been able to ascertain that the winners would be getting medical attention. Sirocco is no longer distributing pictures of Eli and Ravi.

The team agree that it remains important to investigate the Syndicate further, and investigate the gangs, eliminating one and setting up one as a puppet but with an opposition party in place.


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