Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

New party, new adventure

In which a new group of acolytes set out to protect the Calixis sector from itself

A new team of acolytes has been assembled on 41 Pry. They receive word that Al-Subai is suspicious of Arch Cardinal Ignato, who is the senior religious leader in the Calixis Sector. The Inquisition are not yet ready to “out” him just yet, but they believe he is connected in some way to the Syndicate, and may possibly even be Slaugth. The team are instructed that they need to infiltrate the Cathedral of Illumination on Sophano Prime. The team are not to confront him directly, and certainly are not to execute him if he does turn out to be Slaugth. The team are going undercover as relic inspectors. The team are to gather information only.

This is an incredibly serious allegation to put against the Cardinal.

Passage has been secured for the team, and the journey will take approximately a month.

The Cathedral contains several relics of St Drusus and Telani is able to inform the team about them:
- Rotator cannon of the warrior St Praxedes
- St Euphreka’s chalice
- the tri skull of St Uther
- 8 tablets of Drusian wisdom (the actual words of St Drusus)
- the genesis vestments worn by St Drusus at the blessing of Scintilla
- the daemon hammer of St Agamemnon
- the femur of St Brannicus the thrice maimed. He was one of Drusus’ closest companions, and reportedly beat 300 sinners to death with his own severed leg.

Felix and Ketch agree to act as inspectors. Julia will act as hired muscle. Ish will act like a penitent and Leena is going to act as Felix’s bit of fluff.

The team land on Hive Tarsus, and are taken to the Cathedral. Sophano Prime is a desert world and has been farmed dry. This is standard for a hive world. Hive Tarsus is the size of a small country. Cathedral of Illumination sits atop the Hive like a golden crown, surrounded by vast artificial gardens. There are thousands of pilgrims waiting to enter the cathedral. Cathedral has its own landing pads. Blastingly tropical heat.

A fat man in simple robes is waiting to greet the team – Archivist Druke. He is very excited as Arch Cardinal Ignato has arrived and is addressing the congregation. The Arch Cardinal wears a white and purple robe. The Arch Cardinal’s speech is very bombastic, exalting the church above the common man. Wealthy congregation.

The team are shown to their quarters in the cloisters, and are given data keys to obtain access to the sacristy where the relics are kept. The rooms are plush and comfortable. Ketch checks for bugs, but cannot find any. The ventilation shafts are wide enough for a servo skull to fit down, and there are lots of servo skulls and cherubim around.

After passing an uneventful and restful night, the team are taken by archivist Druke to the sacristy. On the way there they make careful note of the types of people they pass – many ecclesiarchical brothers going about their business, a vast number of servitors who undertake minor duties etc. As they head upwards into the cathedral, they start to see security – Adepta Sororitas. Only ever one at a time.

The Sacristy is a massive room, a bit like a museum. There are five of the Adepta Sororitas in this room, dotted around, wearing black and can only just be seen.

The relics:
- Rotator cannon of the warrior St Praxedes. It is a heavy stubber and bandolier of twice blessed rounds. The bullets are made from cobblestones touched by the boots of St Drusus when he was on the sanguinated path. St Praxedes was a very close friend of St Drusus. It is in impeccable condition, and the age and design appear to be contemporary with St Drusus. Seems legit.
- St Euphreka’s chalice and assorted writings. St Euphreka carried out a century long pilgrimmage retracing St Drusus’ steps across the sector. There is not much common knowledge available about her. This is the chalice that she supposedly slaked her thirst with, and it is a broken ceramic bowl. According to the legend, the bowl was gifted to her by the Rogue Trader that she travelled with, but this does not match the description of the bowl in the text. This is not a true relic.
- the tri skull of St Uther. These are three skulls of differing sizes, and are the three skulls of St Uther the Cataplast aged 12, 50 and 150 years old. The markings on the two older skulls are like wound markings. He suffered 99 wounds before he died. The three skulls appear consistent with his legend. Seems legit.
- 8 tablets of Drusian wisdom (the actual words of St Drusus). 8 palm sized polished stone tablets. Rumoured to be completely impervious to damage. Seems legit.
- the genesis vestments worn by St Drusus at the blessing of Scintilla. These are robes on a tailor’s dummy. There is also a pict with a two second viewing of St Drusus praying. Leena has been able to ascertain that some of this has been locked by the Inquisition. The robes have not left the Cathedral since they were worn by Drusus. Legit.
- the daemon hammer of St Agamemnon. This is a massive battlehammer. St Agamemnon the Just was an inquisitorial daemon hunter, with a special interest in killing psykers. He destroyed 200,000 psykers. Ish detects a psychic field emanating from the hammer-pain and emotion. This is a sanctified weapon to be used against daemons and psykers. This is probably an Inquisitorial relic rather than a church relic. Legit.

The case containing the femur of St Brannicus is empty. Felix asks Druke about this, and Druke advises that the Arch Cardinal has taken it for meditational purposes. Felix pushes for more information and finds out that Druke is concerned about the authenticity of the femus. There are three small marks on the bone, but legend has it that the bone was totally untouched. As far as Druke is aware, there have always been these marks on the bone – he has been in post 10 years.
- the femur of St Brannicus the thrice maimed. He was one of Drusus’ closest companions, and reportedly beat 300 sinners to death with his own severed leg.


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