Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

Room of Cages part 2

The pole grinder trap, and the way down to the next level

The team end up thigh deep in dead bodies, which are in an advanced state of decay. Eli is dangling off a grappling hook. The team are gripped by panic as bore worms pop out of the bodies, and bodily fluids go everywhere. Maz sets off the flamer, setting bodies on fire. There are constant fresh worms appearing from the bodies.

It gets hotter as the fire burns, and the promethium cannisters for the flamer are now in danger. The team start to smoulder as well. The team try to climb out of the pit. The ceiling has come down flat to the floor. Ravi is trying to clear the floor of bore rooms.

The fire is starting to go down as oxygen is getting low.

Maz punches Modesty to keep her awake. Ravi passes out.

Just as it is starting to look desperate, the ceiling starts to lift. Eli shins out and drags Modesty out. He goes back to get Ravi out, and once Maz is out the team start running for the door. The door opens and Maz shoots a cautious jet of promethium down the corridor. Modesty shoots across the room at the Brotherhood who are in the other doorway. Eli and Ravi run across the room, luring the Brotherhood into the room. Eli shoots the man with the flamer and three guys explode. The door closes in front of the team, and they heard a noise from the right.

“Fourth team eliminated”.
The team head left.

The team find a ladder heading down. Eli goes down first to check it out. It is a darker level with loud machinery. There is a mesh floor with liquid underneath it. Looks like oil or tar but it has a current. There is a body on the floor, human male. Has had a bullet to the head and is wearing an explosive collar. Eli comes back up and reports back.

The team go back along the corridor, figuring that this level must be the middle level.

There is a room with a computer at a desk. Modesty goes into the room to have a look, and the door shuts behind her. A riddle appears on the screen, she gets the answer wrong and the computer explodes. Fortunately Modesty escapes.


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