Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

Session 18.12.13 - in transit to Barsapine

In which the acolytes travel to Barsapine

It takes the acolytes approximately a month to travel to Barsapine.

Population 1.5bn, heavily tithed. Population is concentrated around the poles. Of the 7 continents, 3 are populated. Tidally locked, not rotating. It is not possible to live on the dark side of the planet.
The capital of Barsapine is Scaltine.
Thaumocracy – religious ruling elite of the Soothsayers College. Main figures in this thaumocracy are Oldus, Malinor and Valkarinasy.
There is a low military presence on the planet. Pottery commands high prices.

This is not an important planet in the Calixis Sector.

The Gilded Cathedral is situated near Kethistron Ultris, a large city. Light reflects from the Gilded Cathedral into the dark side of the planet. It is visible from everywhere in the city (on the surface).

The Inquisitor sent a message to the acolytes advising he was pleased with their progress, and recommended they meet with Abbott Chainus Juratus. Agents will be dispatched to deal with House Thrung.

The acolytes go to the Gilded Cathedral. There is a lot of artwork commemorating the attack by the orks many years ago. Inside the Gilded Cathedral there is a huge block of black stone, about the size of a house, made of something similar to jet or marble. There is a pulpit above it. Could this be the heard of black in the temple of gold that Thrung’s prophecy made reference to?

Barack Tharack knows that this is a serious branch of the Imperial Cult, and has heard about the Black Sepulchre of the Gilded Cathedral. It is an ancient tomb older than the cathedral itself. It is believed to be one of St Drusus’ companions, but who or why is lost to history. It is protected by a forcefield. Legend states the Black Sepulchre contains the body of a great champion.

Abbot Juratus is an ancient man with a beard. When questioned, the Abbot claims not to have heard of the Dei-Phage or the Hecate family, but closer questioning leads him to reveal that the Hecate family were involved in building the Haematite Cathedral, on the dark side of the planet.


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