Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

The team reflect

The team of acolytes are reflecting upon what they have learned.
Slaugth and non warp drive technology is severe heresy. This needs to be wiped out as a priority.
The team are beholden only to Inquisitor Al-Subai. The team are expected to die for the cause.

There is a new safehouse several km away from the pirate habitation. Equipment can be stored here. It is an uncivilised area and it is dangerous to go on foot. There is transport available, an APC and what are essentially mopeds.

Dessius maintains a network of agents to keep gathering information.

Althan Guir’s compound has already been ransacked. Presumably the Syndicate agents have already been there. Ish picked up some warp traces when he went to look.

An edict has been sent out not to try and rescue Seamus.

Sirocco probably knows that the team are Inquisition agents therefore there is a good chance the other leaders know this too. Stromberg definitely knows.

Gravalax triangulator – the Syndicate are aware of 4 power sources and plan to circulate it. The Triangulator crops up in the works of St Drusus. There is an image of it in the writings. Mer-cik traced the on on Miron IV through these works. He used the triangulator itself to dowse for power sources. The Inquisition is very interested in this.

A second power source has been recovered by a Syndicate agent – it might be useful to catch him alive and question him. The buyer for the power source is on Cyrus Vulpa, an agri world with a pleasant climate. Bulgar Thrung is the buyer, a minor noble from the house of Thrung, part of the ruling elite. He is part of the Syndicate, but is not Slaugth.

Morgad the Despoiler, the renegade astartes. It is assumed he is searching for the power source.

The team have at their disposal a small rogue trader ship called the Antonius Pius. It has cannon batteries with enough power to destroy a city. Crew is 88% servitor. Full complement of marines/thugs. Captain Scipio is the leader of the marines and will provide intel for us.


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