Tall, skeletal, pale and hairless.


Tall and lithe, Scaphandra moves with confidence and purpose. Her skin is extremely pale, and completely hairless. Her normal form of dress is a grey body stocking, covered by a grey hooded cloak. She constantly carries two long and slightly curved swords, a keen dagger, and a small selection of grenades and technological equipment.


Scaphandra is a member of the Moritat – an elite assassin death cult. Her duty had been to bring death to key heretics, mainly those whose actions destabilised the operations of the great merchant fleet that was her home.

Her kills were numerous and glorious, or so she was told. All active assassins were vigorously mind-wiped once a cycle. This is common sense. Regular exposure to heretical targets is dangerous to not only the body, but also the mind. Much as you would cleanse your sword after a battle, so too must you cleanse your agents.

Plucked from this noble pursuit, she found herself baby sitting a group of inexperienced acolytes, as they repeatedly bumbled their way through investigations. She watched in frustration as inquisitorial operations were compromised, as traps were blundered into, and the entire acolyte cell was nearly wiped out.

Now Scaphandra is working with a new group, one which seems more competent, even if no smarter. Hopefully this group will prove more fruitful in helping her achieve the visions of glory that have been gifted to her.


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