Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

Attempted ambush

In which the team attempt to ambush Barr

The team head to the ambush point, and presume Modesty has given the poison and delivered the note. Modesty does not accompany the team to the ambush point. Ravi takes Maz’s flamer. It is a hot ambush point near some heat exhausts, no human traffic. Eli will be on the walkway, Maz and Ravi in the corridor. Very low lighting.

The bad guys arrive – 12 confirmed enemies. It appears Althan Guir is in the group, and he offers to find the other party in exchange for the Gravalax Triangulator. The party agree to meet him at “Golthar’s Meat on a Stick” stand in 12 hours to show a pict of the triangulator to an agent wearing a green and yellow hat making the sign of the aquila. Ravi will use “Subramanyam” as his identified.

Guir talks into a communicator then goes – xenos tech. Ish assumes communication with the skin walkers has taken place.

The team decide to make an information drop to Dessius (a lot of fake ones and a real one in case we are being followed). Will need to re-establish contact with Modesty.


Luke_Passingham cpassingham79

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