Dark Heresy: 41PRY Campaign

Room of Cages, Part 4

The rescue and bloody heroic escape

The acolytes are progressing along the corridors, encountering bullet hole riddled bodies and plenty of gun emplacements. There is a loud machine spirit sound as well. Eli scouts ahead in the long dim corridors. He finds a secret door, and at the same time something which appears to be a wall of blades and spikes charges towards him. Eli gets sucked in through the secret door – a mini vacuum of super heated air. Eli has the presence of mind to use his grapple gun, and instead of falling to his death is now dangling from it below the level he came in on. Across the chamber, he sees a door with “Exit” marked on it.
The rest of the team see the wall go past them, heading away from them at first then coming back. Modesty throws a couple of promethium cannisters at the wall and the floor catches fire – all the oil is burning under the floor grill. Ravi and Modesty both catch fire, but are put out quickly. The team run round to where Eli is and pull him out.
The team search the area, finding a couple of horrible rooms with sinister liquid pools. They find a lift marked “exit” which they are very suspicious of.
They hear sporadic gunfire and head towards it.

They enter a very large room, in which overhead water sprinklers have been activated. There are moving targets like in a shooting range and manacled to these targets are a number of prisoners. Some of them look like the team’s targets. There is already a crazy fire fight going on in this room. There are three banks of 4 targets moving back and forth. In the course of the fire fight, the 7th and 8th kill teams are eliminated. The acolytes rescue Constantine, Scaphandra, Felix and Julia.

The team enter a room with 4 pillars on the back wall with mounted guns. There is a hole in the wall behind the guns. The floor is very crunchy, and blood covered locusts cover the floor. There are doors either side of the entrance. Eli goes to the check the left hand exit, and Maz keeps an eye on the hostages. Eli gets shot at but shrugs it off. He slips through the door into a south heading corridor which then turns west. There is a corpse on the floor, one of the scalpers. Riddled with bullets – human shields.

The power goes out – there is a no light at all. The machinery sounds stop as well. A speaker crackles into life instructing all remaining kill teams to target the acolytes and to be stopped from leaving. The team are referred to as a Rogue Team. The lights then come back on.

There are servo skulls attached to machine guns which will shoot the team. Modesty shoots out a camera. Eli shoots all the servitor skulls and destroys them.

The team check out the right hand door – three dead saurians and no way out.

The team all move to the left hand exit, keeping as far as possible from the centre of the room. Maz leaves a near empty cannister of promethium in the middle room. The team are entering a very greasy area, and then are suddenly taking fire from all corners. Ambush!

There is an ork to the North, SOTV with las rifles to the East and two guys with autoguns to the South. Maz gets hit by the firing and goes down and backwards out of the line of fire. Eli pulls her out of danger. Modesty clears the hostages back into a safer room. Eli rolls one of the promethium cans into the crossroads. The Ork comes round the corner and Ravi shoots him but doesn’t stop him. the Ork is armed with a snazzgun and a choppa (chainsword). Ravi shoots the promethium cannister which explodes in all 4 directions. Two guys die and the Ork gets set on fire. Ravi shoots the Ork again and takes his arm off at the elbow. There is a big firefight. Maz starts firing the flamer again.

“Ninth team eliminated”.

The Ork is still fighting. Cuts Maz’s left arm off between elbow and shoulder. Ravi attacks the Ork again with his hand cannon. It finally goes down.

“Tenth team eliminated”. This leaves the acolytes, SOTV and the scalpers.

Modesty takes the flamer and three tanks. Maz still has 2 tanks on her. Maz brings up the rear as the team start moving again.

Eli opens a door, expecting a trap. There are skinned bodies hanging from the ceiling and bodies on the floor. There are figures at the back of the room.

Eli shoots a potential skinwalker, and there is the sound of choking and gurgling. Modesty and Eli get the fear. The skinwalker spits fire and moves into the doorway. Maz drops the hand cannon and draws the bolt pistol, and shoots it, blowing off an appendage. Ravi shoots it with a shotgun. There is a member of the SOTV team with a hole in its head following the skinwalker out.
Modesty has caught up with the last two members of the skinners team and flames them. They burn up.
Maz shoots the thing again and makes it collapse in a heap. Ravi blows chunks out of the SOTV and pulls the door off its hinge.

“Eleventh team eliminated”.

Maz and Ravi shoot at the skinwalker again, knocking it over. Suddenly it lashes out at the team and Maz takes a massive gut wound. She stumbles backwards into the room trying to hold her guts in place. Ravi jumps into the room. Modesty catches up and flames the skinwalker, it catches fire.
Maz drops the bolt pistol and draws a hand cannon. It isn’t taking damage from the flames. Maz throws the promethium cannisters out of the way over the things neck. Eli legs it. Maz backs into the room, aims, fires and collapses dead.
Ravi keeps shooting. The promethium explodes.

“Twelfth team eliminated”.
Eli retrieves an unconscious Ravi. Modesty goes to get the other acolytes. Ravi goes back in to retrieve Maz’s dogtags.

The team go to the lift which is lit up with an exit sign. The lift goes up. It opens into an arena, with a chanting crowd all around them. They have completed the Room of Cages and rescued their comrades.


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